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If you have to get yourself decked up for an Indian celebration, it is advisable that you purchase some Indian clothes online as there is a traditional dress for every event of Indian celebrations. Depending on the type of the festival or the celebrations, Indian dresses keep on changing and hence if you have to be one amongst the crowd, you should select your dress accordingly.

Talking of traditional Indian clothes, the first thing that comes to the mind is the traditional Saree if we are talking about dressing up a woman and if the dress is for a man, it is Kurta Pyajama or Kurta with Dhoti. However these are very common Indian traditional clothes and the list doesn’t stop here. Let us take a quick look on the various other Indian dresses that are being worn on various occasions.

Many dressing options available for women

Traditional Indian clothes for women Women love to dress themselves up in the most fashionable and stylish way and when it comes to traditional Indian clothes, the options available are varied. Along with Sarees, the other traditional women wear include the lehenga choli, which is mostly worn by women during an Indian marriage. Another traditional wear option is the Salwar kameez which was initially worn by women from the land of Punjab in northern India, but now has gained its popularity in Indian women all over the country and across boundaries. A salwar kameez can be worn at the occasion of marriage party, social gatherings, festivals, and as casual wear as well.

Saree, the oldest form of dress for Indian women has seen a lot of transformation in terms of designs and material and nowadays they are considered to be one of the most stylish women’s dresses in Indian tradition.

Men love to wear Kurtas and Sherwanis

Traditional Indian clothes for men Talking about traditional Indian clothes for men, the most common dress is the kurta and the pyajamas which is basically a well-designed long loose shirt for the men the length of which falls just about the knees of the wearer. The combination of Dhoti-Kurta is considered to be most authentic traditional wear for Indian men. While during modern days, men are not that comfortable with dhotis anymore, hence pyajamas have slowly made their way in the list of traditional wear for men for any Indian occasion. Sherwani is another traditional Indian wear for men which are mostly worn during the occasion of a marriage in the family.

Whatever be the occasion, it is always good to get dressed up in the Indian attire so that one can feel and sense the festivities at all Indian celebrations.

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