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Amazing Handmade Designs in Indian Clothing The Indian ethnic wear has many types of embellishments. These are of colorful, glittering, shining, reflecting and differentiate Indian dresses with the rest. The Indian clothes are mostly the weave of cotton and wool. The stitching of embellishments is most possible in these cloth materials. These are handmade and still a preferred traditional or ethnic wear collection for the masses of India. These are mostly available as traditional clothes in the same state of their tradition. However, they are available in online stores of any Indian tradition of embellishment types.

Embroidery steals the show

The Indian dresses with embroidery are most preferred styles. This is because they are unparallel with any other handmade designs in the world. The Indian ethnic wear is most favored for having classic or medieval period designs. These are also famous as vintage classic in online stores. The embroidery stitching of manual method is costly than any machine made design. They are easily identifiable with their looks on traditional Indian clothes.

The manual embroidery work has a unique look & feel and the designs emerge out of clothes naturally. The machine stitching mostly looks stiff and sticky on cloth materials and they do not natural. The floral pattern is most common in Indian embroidery designs followed by geometrical pattern. The embroidery is switch on all men and women clothing like sari, tops, salwar kameez, chudidars, half sarees, kurtas, shawls, cardigans, dupathas, shirts and sweaters.

Get gaudier with bead work

Bead work is a beautiful type of embellishment present in all Indian ethnic wear dresses. The beading work of traditional type are of ceramics, animal bones, stones, woods and glasses. They are manually stitched in fabric used to create men and women outfits. They are superb when come to Indian cultural dresses. The mirror works are most common in the western Indian dresses. These types of traditional Indian clothes are locally available according to the state and their tradition. However, they are now available in many of the online clothing boutique as well.

Blend of embellishment works

If you take any of the Indian ethnic wear, you can find a mix of embellishment types in an Indian dresses. The beading pattern varies by states and region as culture differs in India. The bead work with combination of embroidery is the unique one to buy. They look more amazing due to manual effort that goes into making them.

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