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Payals (Anklets)

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Silver Anklets / Payals for Children & Women

Silver anklets are also known as chandi ki payal in hindi. Indian Bollywood movies have given various names to this traditional Indian jewelry called Payal (hindi word for anklets). There are numerous songs themed on anklets. These payals have been referred to as pajeb, jhanjaria, payalia and by other names in various hindi movie songs. We carry an exquisite collection of Indian design traditional silver payals / anklets in latest style. Continue browsing our online catalog to shop for these beautiful jewelry bracelets for ankles. These ankle jewelry are available for baby girl child, teens and women. They make great gifts for baby shower, festivals, birthdays, wedding and diwali.

Pretty payals for your perfect feet!

Payals are widely known among Indian women for years. It is not just an ordinary jewelry for feet but also a symbol of fashion and style. Made of different materials such as plastic, silver, beads and gold, anklets are concentrated more on the footwork and worn during special occasions. Here is what you should know about them!

Traditional payals

For those of you want something simple yet stylish must try the traditional payals. They have been worn for years and are still quite a trend among most women. In fact most Indian dances expect you to wear payals while dancing. If you want something that is affordable and within your reach, traditional payals are perfect.

Stylish payals

In case you are looking for something that is different and a little more expensive, a few stylish payals shown here will definitely impress you. Payals like these are a bit exorbitant but definitely are worth the expense. You can find different kinds of Indian silver payals right here!

Thin payals

Anklets are usually very thick. But if you want something that is slim and sexy, try the thin payals. They are well studded and worth the cost!
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