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When it comes to the Indian tunics dresses the Kurtas, Kurthaka and Kurtus are the preferred upper garment outfits for men and women. However, the word kurtis is used for women kurta in India. This is a great outfit for women hood to wear Indian kurtis as “all season dress”. They are available in different clothing material and colors. This garment is available in all garments stores in India and at many online shops. They are available from INR 300 to 20000 for a designer kurti.

Kurtis as Popular Tunics in India

The Kurtis origin in India date backs to the medieval Era, when India was dominant with Muslim rulers. However, this became a common Indian dress irrespective of any religion and community in India. This is the most preferred casual wear by the present or modern days in India. The Indian kurtis are of many types and varieties as per its number of states in India.

Flexible to wear by Ladies

The Indian kurtis is an Indian tunics dress type mostly used as casual wear by women members. It is a traditional style top, which can be worn with jeans, pyjama, salwar, leggings and casual pants in India. These are color less dress and mostly wear as casual dressing. Presently many women hood are wearing a slim shall along with Indian kurtis. The cotton made kurtis are mostly preferred in summer season and the woolen kurtis are use in the winter season. Rest of the season is of polyester, blended and kadhi cloth materials. This is the present IT and IT es casual wear dressing culture in India wearing it with a jeans pant by working women.

Fashion with Kurtis in India

Any fashion show depicting a blend of ethnic and casual wear has Indian tunic’s presence in it. The Indian kurtis are most preferred dress in any of the fashion show. There are also special kurti designing professionals in India.

Designer Kurti Collection: There are many Indian kurtis designed by renowned fashion designers in India. They are available in online in their own website and in other garments online stores. They are also present in major retail store for clothing. They are splendid with variety of embroidery designs, printed designs and with crocheted patterns of Kurtis. However, they are costly and worth too. Most often, they are use for wearing for special occasions.

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