is an online Indian marketplace with many sellers who sell their products through this portal. Are you looking for an online site to sell Indian products in USA? is the fastest growing Indian Shopping Marketplace for NRI's in the United States to Buy or Sell Indian products. You can shop for anything Indian and get them delivered to your home quickly and reliably as everything is sold and shipped by stores located in the US.

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Selling at is easy and hassle free. Below you will find all the information on how to sell Indian Clothes, Handicrafts, Grocery, Sweets, Jewelry, Accessories, Books/Magazines and Bollywood Hindi DVD's / CD's and other stuff online and grow your business.

Here is a list of some of the items you can sell online - Indian Clothing & Dresses for men, women & kids, Traditional Indian Jewelry, Costume Jewellery, Accessories, Shoes & Sandals, Handicrafts, Furnishing, Ethnic Style Home Decor, Carved Furniture like Jhoola, Swings, Tables & Chairs, Authentic Groceries, Sweets & Snacks, Kitchen Utensils, Ayurvedic Health & Beauty Products, History & Cultural Books & Magazines, Puja Items & Mandirs, Bollywood and other regional DVD's and CD's from India. If you feel you have unique Indian products not mentioned in the list above, please contact us to find out if it can be listed for sale. If you are already importing above products, it is very easy to set up your store.

Products that you sell must be in NEW condition, products must be located in the same country as the seller and must be ready to be shipped by you. Drop shipping is not permitted. In order to signup, you must be located and ship your products from the USA.

Once your seller account is setup and activated, you must POST and maintain a minimum of 15 products to sell within 30 days to keep your account active.

Have something from India to sell? Want to sell Indian products from home? Selling at this site is FREE. We are growing in popularity everyday, and can help you increase your sales even if you already have an online website.

Take advantage of the following limited time offers before they expire -

  1. Free Signup/Setup - There is absolutely no upfront cost to you for selling. In addition, we help you adding a few of your products to give you a jump start.
  2. Featured Seller - Appear as a featured seller for 3 months for FREE ($9.99 value).
  3. Low Commission - Take advantage of our really low service fee on actual sale. Please click on Rates & Fees to find out what we charge on actual sale.

Please visit our Merchant FAQ for any questions or Sign-up as a seller and start selling today. Contact Us if you have questions or need help in setting up your store.

Eager to start selling your products? Please follow the simple steps below:


Listing an item properly is the most important aspect of doing business online. Our feature rich Product Management Tool allows you to control every aspect of your products.

Please visit our Seller FAQ and browse "Product Management" section for more details.

GETTING ORDERS FROM BUYERS is the only local Indian marketplace which allows your products to be viewed and purchased by a large number of targeted visitors.

Once your product is sold, an e-mail notification is sent to you automatically and order details are posted to your seller account. Please make sure to check your orders regularly, just in case you don't get the e-mail (or it is filtered out as spam).

How to check orders - Login to your sellers account and click on 'New Orders' to view orders in the current month or click on 'Search for Orders' to view specific orders. You can also sort the search result by clicking on the column header. Once you find the order you are looking for, just click on the order # link to view order details. In the order details pagenyou have access to all order details like buyer information, shipping information, products ordered, order total, etc.

Communicating with Buyer - Please visit our Seller FAQ and browse "Order Communication" for more details on how to communicate with buyers.

In the Status column, you can view different order states. Only ship the order when the Status is 'Processed', which means that payment has been received.

From the order details page, you can choose to print the order or the invoice.

SHIP ITEMS TO BUYERS notifies you by email when an order has been placed. You simply pack and ship the merchandise to your customer.

Get the shipping information from the order details in your seller account. Print the invoice and then mail the item(s) within 2 business days once the order is marked as "Processed".

Shipping Expectations - Sellers are expected to ship within two business days of the purchase. In case of out-of-stock items, make sure to communicate with the buyer and process a refund.

Default Shipping Carrier - Make sure to define your default shipping carrier. It will automatically be defaulted in order details when you are ready to provide a tracking # to the buyer. Check Account Settings for more information.

Domestic Standard - Your buyer should receive their order within 4-10 business days from the shipment date.

Domestic Expedited - Your buyer should receive their order within 2-6 business days after shipment.

International shipments - International shipping is not allowed at this time. However, customers in a few select countries can order to have their items shipped within USA.

How to ship - Please visit our Seller FAQ and browse "Order Management" section for more details.

Once the order is shipped, add the tracking number to the order and click on the "Complete" button to mark the order as "Complete". This will notify the customer with tracking information. All orders above $25 must have a valid tracking # when the order is marked as complete.

GET PAID deposits payment into your bank account for all "Completed" orders, after deducting any fees, every 2-4 weeks and sends an email notifying you that your payment has been made. Any returns/refunds you may have are also considered when calculating payment.

Please check the Rates & Fees for more details on our service fee.

If you are a new seller, please make sure to register a bank account with us in order for us to be able to transfer payment. Sellers in India, must provide a valid Bank Account in India and sellers in USA, must provide a US checking account.

What can cause delays - Not entering bank information or changing your bank account information may cause delays in payment disbursement.

Note: Once the payment is transferred from our bank to yours, it may take upto 5 business days for funds to show up in your account.

Running Your Store

Follow these simple guidelines to make sure your online store runs smoothly and helps you increase your sale -
  • Keep your store profile and policies up-to-date.
  • Keep your stocks up-to-date. This will minimize sale of out of stock items.
  • Research price of an item you wish to sell and price your item competetively.
  • Periodically, provide Sales & Promotions or Free Shipping to help increase your sale.
  • Check for new orders regularly - this will ensure that you can respond to new orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Once your order is marked as "Processed", make sure to ship your order in 2 - 3 business days, provide tracking # and mark the order as "Complete".
  • Answer questions from buyers within 24 hours.
  • Use the built-in tools to notify customers promptly if there is an out of stock item.
  • In case of a return, make sure to authorize a refund in 5 business days.
  • Encourage your customers to write reviews about your products and services. Customers can login and visit your home page to write review about your service or visit the product page to write review about your product.
  • When going on a vacation, make sure to notify us so that your account can be changed to a vacation state to avoid buyers from buying from your store until you return.
  • Maintain credibility. If you follow the above steps, this is automatically achieved.
Please visit our Seller FAQ for more details on any of the above topics.


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