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Off late there has been a surge in the interest levels of Americans when it comes to know about and get used to Indian fashion. As it is the Indian fashion has got many facets where traditional Indian clothing gets mixed with modern day fashion designs and creates a complete fusion to form a new level of Indian fashion.

Influence of Indian fashion

In the US, influence of Indian fashion is so much strong that there are many physical and online stores that have come up over the last one decade who sell latest design Indian dresses online. These dresses include traditional Indian clothes for women like the Saree, the Lehenga and cholis, kurtis, salwar kameez for women and sherwanis and kurta pyjama for the men.

Thanks to the fashion boom in India in the last part of the bygone millennium that helped Indian fashion make its way in the distant land of USA. Indian fashion which was limited to the boundaries of the country got its exposure in the outside world and left its influence on many. The most striking part is that the influence is not limited to Indian dresses but is also extended to fashion accessories as well.

Many local Americans are so much influenced with Indian fashion that their wardrobes are filled with many traditional Indian clothing that they wear during occasions of an Indian festival or celebration. The impact is also visible in some of the Hollywood movies. Influence of Indian fashion is also observed on jewelry as Indian fashion jewelries are finding a good market in the USA. Whether it is Terracotta jewelry or Meenakari art jewelry, Indian fashion has its mark almost everywhere. Traditional Indian designs of gold jewelry are also held in high regards amongst the locals and they have been adored as as much as possible.

Dresses that are being mostly adored

Going back to the Indian dresses that are being used by most locals for Indian occasions, we need to talk about sarees and churidar salwar kameez and kurtis. Many American women love to drape themselves with the traditional Indian saree in the traditional Indian way. Men are being seen wearing sherwanis and even turbans (which is a headwear for men) while they attend Indian social gatherings or an event of an Indian marriage.

In the current age where culture and fashion of every country is getting fused slowly and steadily with each other, Indian fashion has been able to make its own space in the minds of many in the USA.

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