Contacting Seller

When you buy an item from a seller at, you should be able to expect a high standard of customer service, both before and after you receive your order.

There are multiple ways for you to find the seller's e-mail address & phone number.
  1. The e-mail notification that sends to you following a purchase includes this information.
  2. You can log-in to your account, go to order history and click on order details. You can see sellers information on the rop right corner. You can also click on the seller's name to contact the seller directly.
  3. You can also contact the seller by locating a product that the seller sells, login to your account and use the "contact seller" in the seller information page.

Cancel an Order

If you need to cancel your order, please contact the seller directly. If your order has not been shipped, the seller should be able to cancel your order without a problem. If your order has already been shipped, the seller may ask you to return the items when you receive them. There may be a re-stocking fee or other charges depending on the seller. Please make sure to find our more about the Shipping Policy and Returns & Refunds policy of the seller before placing your order.

Out-of-Stock Orders

Sellers work hard to ensure that stock is on hand for delivery, but now and then the availability of a listed item will change by the time an order is placed. If a seller is unable to deliver, they should refund you promptly so that you can place a new order. Please know that while an occasional stock-out is bound to happen, we do require sellers to keep these to a minimum. If we find a seller's out-of-stock sales becomes problematic, we will take appropriate action.

Unreceived Orders

If you ordered at, and the estimated delivery date passes, you have the right to be concerned. Sellers are responsible for communicating with you and for correcting any problems that might arise with lost shipments, damaged items, or other mishaps. If a seller fails to deliver, you may be eligible for reimbursement from Please make sure that you make every attempt to contact the seller directly before contacting about a problamatic order

Incorrect Orders

Like unreceived orders, wrong orders should be brought to your seller's attention. Please contact your seller directly for assistance.

Disputes wants every order to go as smoothly as possible, but in rare cases, disputes do occur. Since the sales agreement is between the buyer and the seller, cannot intervene in the event of a dispute. Buyers should contact their seller with questions about an order.

If you ever have questions before making a purchase, just click on the seller's nickname to locate a form to contact the seller.

Bounced E-mails

Sellers are required to have valid e-mail addresses; sellers who do not are violating our Participation Agreement and terms of service. If your e-mail to a seller bounces, please report this. will contact the seller on your behalf and get an answer for you.

If you cannot reach your seller, please review the guidelines above for help in resolving your order concerns.


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