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Learn An Indian Language - Book to Learn a Language

Learn An Indian Language - Book to Learn a Language

*Use Leisure Time To Learn A Language*

Learn a language (Indian only) series
Selections available: Bengali, Gujarati, Oriya, Telugu, Punjabi, Hindi, Malalyalam, Sanskrit, Marathi, Urdu, Tamil

Brief course on phrases, spoken and written
Limited quantities of each language, please email and check before ordering.
Books are new but some copies may have slight irregularities from storing.


Spiritual Masters of Ancient And Medieval India Available Soon

Spiritual Masters of Ancient And Medieval India

Read about the spiritual movement pioneers in ancient India like — Lord Buddha, Lord Krishna, Guru Nanak, Sant Tulsidasa, Mira and many more.


Spiritual Masters Of Modern India Available Soon

Spiritual Masters Of Modern India

Spirituality has come to be regarded as a way of life. Since the latter half of the 1800s, we have had spiritual masters walk along with us on the plane of love, compassion, gratitude and oneness. There are numerous spiritual masters, who have spread their wings to many countries across the world. Each one has been born with the mission of world peace. In this book, the author brings to you 21 of the most prominent spiritual masters of modern India. she has compiled their biographies that not only speak about their birth and life, but also their mission. This book is in honor of the spiritual masters who have dedicated their lives to bring peace to a world today, living in fear of violence and stress......

This book brings to you thought and principles spiritual movements by Deepak Chopra, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Shirdi Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, Rajneesh Osho, and many more…


Alexander - An Epic Love Story Book by Piyush Roy Available Soon

Alexander - An Epic Love Story Book by Piyush Roy

"Hephaestion loves me as I am, and not who I am...." Alexander stated with a calm confidence and left thereafter, stating both the stated and the unstated in their relationship. Alexander evoked an unfathomable, often nihililstic passion for him, within everyone close to him. So those who loved him also wanted to monopolize all his love for themselves. Alexander demanded and returned affection in equal measure. And in that, Hephaestion deserved every extra bit that he got above others, from his schoolmate, dearest prince and now revered king, Alexander. This book depicts a controversial and often untold side of the secret life of Alexander - The Great


The World's Most Wanted Terrorists - Book Available Soon

The World's Most Wanted Terrorists - Book

This little compendium is about a different breed of men who are not only outside the law of their own countries, but often their crimes are of global importance and consequences, violating basic rules and norms of world society, culture, morality, civilization.....even humanity. They make a motely collection - a hetero-generous assembly from diverse regions, religions and races of mankind. They share only on commonalty: they are all hunted by one or more guardians of civilized societies. This book takes us through a description of the people who are among the most wanted today, along with the organizations that are attempting to apprehend them.


Why Muslims Hate America.....And What Can The West Do About It Available Soon

Why Muslims Hate America.....And What Can The West Do About It

Does an American have any objective thoughts on why Muslims hate them? An American on his pristine beach with fries and fizz asked about a love-hate emotional equation with Muslims will, chances are, be without the right words and thoughts, simply because he cannot visualize love or hate as lucidly as a Muslim can about America. This book is the author's attempt at answering why the world's biggest super power is fast becoming the Muslim world's favorite target of hatred.


Assanitations - The Altered The Course of the World Available Soon

Assanitations - The Altered The Course of the World

Ancient, Medieval and modern histories of the world are replete with assassinations; both successful and aborted, throwing up examples of state or government sponsored killings of head of states or movement. The element of a dire deed - a forbidden act carried out possibly by the state or by people in power - the whiff of intrigue and the suspense of a possible conspiracy being played out or the speculation of who might be behind the conspiracy, are indeed gripping to the reader. In all the intrigue and suspense of the actual assassination, we may forget the man or women and their role in world history. What has been explored in the pages of this book is the influence the individual and his or her life's work have had on world history.



Hindu Religious Books

Learn a bit more about India, it's culture, religion, history and lifestyle through these books. You can find topics like spirituality, yoga, epic, ved / puran and much more.

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