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Graceful Sarees of Vedic Times to Present Days

The world popular drapery garment specially meant for women are the Sari. The other names are Sari, Chela, Sati, Salai and Shari so called in the regions of South Asia. The Indian saree are most in demand when comes to online saree shopping USA. The sari cannot match with any of the latest fashion in garment and dressing style. This is a unique drapery wear, which looks adorable on a woman from any part of this world. It has special history and there are many weavers still weaving in traditional methods to keep its handmade qualities that never match with the modern machine weaved sarees. These are available in all retail garment stores in south Asia and in online shopping websites. The cost of a saree may start from $ 2 to $ 20000 for silk embedded with jewels.

Origin of saree culture in south asia

The Vedic times (7000 BC to 3000 BC) in India are the first known evidence of Indian saree. The so-called Goddesses of Hinduism as Parvathi, Laxmi, Swraswathi and Durga Devi are in sari dress as beautiful female deity in sculptures and art forms since the ancient times in India. The greatest Epic of India, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata do depict women member in sari. The Sitha Devi in saree dress is always looking elegance in Vedic art forms. They are colorful and with lot of floral design as such looking heavenly. Since then from the Indus Valley Civilization, it spread across Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia from India. Still the sari culture is the popular garment in India, weaving all types of sarees in traditional and machine made sarees worth million dollar sarees.

How saree became popular globally

The Indian saree cross the Indian border since the Silk Route trade started. The European Imperialism since from the medieval times popularized this drapery dress forms in the western countries. This was a royal dress in those times and many European preferred the Indian Silk sarees. Presently the Indians are present in each corner of the world that they popularize by wearing our ethnic dress in those foreign countries. Either this is a popular dress wherever Hindu people are present in this world.

The demand for sarees in the western world

The online saree shopping USA is the most ordered ethnic wear sari. The online shopping is the smart way to buy from different varieties of saree forms. The bridal saree is most in demand through online stores across the world. The hand weaved Indian saree of silk type are costly sarees. They are most costly when they have stuffs of jewels like diamonds and pearls. The embroider saree do have special values according to their designs. Since handmade embroidery, have special rates. However, there are many sarees with variety of names according to the region they are made. The machine made sarees are low cost and are mostly use for daily use. The silk and other costly sarees are preferred on special occasions. The saree wearing has many different styles and they look beautiful and elegance for those women who wear it.

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