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Fancy Bindis & Tikas for Women

In India, bindi is mark of a married woman and are worn on the forehead. They have been widely adopted around the globe as removable tattoos. Bindis are also worn by many girls as fashion accessory and are also referred to as Kumkum, Bindiya, Bindoo etc. We have an amazing collection of premium quality stick-on bindis for sale online. They are available in various colors and styles to match and complement your outfit. Some of the types of bindis we stock are big round bindis, traditional stone bindis, kundan bindis & bead bindis. All of them are self-stick but are safe for the skin. You can buy these bindis at either retail or wholesale price if you are planning to buy in bulk. Indian Bindis can also be used as traditional and unique party favors for a birthday, henna or wedding party. They are also used for decorative purpose on a lot of packaging and gifts to add glamour & glitter. Do you stock and sell Indian girls accessories like Indian Bindis? If you would like to sell bindis or other traditional Indian items online, please contact us and learn how we can help you setup your online shop.
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