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Festival look

If you have Navratri round the corner, then the best way to dress yourself up is with the help of traditional Indian dresses that are very ethnic and which look classic. The festival look should always be colourful and bright which would transfer a vibe to all the individual around you and this dressing up can help you feel the joy and happiness of the festival and be at your best while you are celebrating.

Navratri is a festival for garba and dandiya; this festival is an atmosphere of happiness where you dance and celebrate the joy in your minds. Dandiya is the most common way to celebrate Navratri, and if you’re not wearing the right combination of dresses, then you aren’t celebrating Navratri the way it should be done.

Latest Indian fashion apparel It has a magic and a vibrant feeling about it which lights up the atmosphere all around you, this is a multicoloured occasion where you celebrate the joy by expressing the happiness in your minds. It can be achieved in a fine manner by ensuring that men and women wear the best possible clothes for the occasion.

Dress for women

Women handle most of garba, and they should perform this traditional dance with dresses that are energetic and colourful. The Navratri Chaniya Choli is a great dress that could be flaunted by any women while they dance to dandiya or garba tunes. This dress is a complete mixture of beads, mirrors, embroidery stones and various other materials that make it look attractive.

Latest Indian fashion apparel Another great option is the Ghagra, which is the most traditional image of a woman who celebrates Navratri. These dresses are colourful and have a skirt like tailoring and when accompanied by the bangles and other accessories. You can surely make the most out of this costume besides this woman can also try wearing lehenga saree that is a very beautiful dress and is basically a combination of both lehenga and saree and can be very soulful to wear during the Navratri nights.

Dress for men

Men should try and look traditional and presentable with their dresses during Navratri but at the same time they should also wear dresses which reflects them and allows them to enjoy every moment of Navratri. Some of those kinds of dresses are kafni pyjamas along with the kediyu, and they can even try the casual kurta for a simple look along with the pyjama.

These days, there is also an option to wear readymade dhoti kurta which does not a lot of effort to tie.

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