Requirements is a shopping portal which exclusively sells and promotes products from south asia, mainly India. If you have a store which sells exclusive items from India or are planning to start a new home based business selling products related to India, you have come to the right place.

Here is a list of some of the items you can sell online - Indian Clothing & Dresses, Indian Jewelry, Ethnic Indian Accessories, Shoes & Sandals, Indian Handicrafts, Indian Furnishing, Home Decor, Religious Items, Gifts, Indian Furniture like Jhoola, Swings, Tables & Chairs, Indian Groceries, Indian Sweets & Snacks, Kitchen Utensils, Health & Beauty Products, Books & Magazines, Bollywood and other regional DVD's and CD's from India. If you feel you have unique Indian products not mentioned in the list above, please contact us to find out if it can be listed for sale.

Products that you sell must be in NEW condition, products must be located in the same country as the seller and must be ready to be shipped by you. Drop shipping is not permitted. In order to signup, you must be located in the USA and must stock the products in USA.

Once your seller account is setup and activated, you must list and maintain a minimum of 20 products to sell within 30 days to keep your account active.

You are prohibited from selling the following products:
Pure gold or Diamond Jewelry, Cell Phones including Service, Newspapers, Tobacco and Alcohol, Adult Toys, Gift Cards and Gift Certificates, Prescription Medication, Guns and Ammunition, Photo Processing and any other unlawful products or items that infringes any type of copyright or trademark. Selling any type of service is also prohibited.

Our Process

Click to sign-up as a seller

Getting Started

Getting started to Sell your merchandise is easy. In order to start selling, just follow the simple steps below -
    Sign-up & Setup
  1. Sign-up: Sign-up as a seller. Once your account is verified and enabled, you can setup your store and list products for sale.

  2. Setup: Once you signup, you can control every aspect of your store. Setup store details, tax zone, shipping policies/carrier/rates, discounts, coupons etc.

  3. List your Items for Sale: Use the built in tools to bulk upload your products or list your items using our feature rich product management tools.

    Get Orders
  1. Email Notification: When an item you listed sells, you get an email notification with details about the order.

  2. Order Management: Use the order management tools to process your order or communicate with buyers. Here you can find all the details about current and previous orders.

    Ship orders to buyers
  1. Print Labels & Invoice: When you are ready to ship, print the invoice to include as part of the order. Orders with a status of Processed are the only orders you need to ship. Processed means the payment has been processed.

  2. Pack & Ship: Use the shipping carrier of your choice to ship the order. Make sure to ship your orders in 2 business days.

  3. Provide Tracking #: Once the order is shipped, visit the order management, provide a tracking number and click on the "Complete" button to mark the order as complete.

    Get paid
  1. Payment Transfer: We will transfer the payment to your registered bank account on the 15th day of the month for all the orders that have been marked Complete in the previous month. In order to avoid delays in payment distribution, please make sure you have regisered a bank account and update each order with tracking number once shipped and mark them "Complete" by clicking on "Complete the order".

For more details on any of the topics above, please check out How it works and Rates & Fees.

Account Settings

The account settings allows you to manage every aspect of your online store. Here you can alter your store settings & policies, define destination zones, shipping rates, tax rates & promote your store by defining discounts & coupons for your online store. Please follow the details below to help you setup your account.
  • Store Profile: This section allows you to upload logo, provide details about your store, shipping & return policies, sale & promotion details, default shipping carrier etc.

  • Destination Zone: Destination zones allow you to create zones for tax and shipping purpose. Currently, you can only define zone within your country (No International Zone). You should atleast create a zone for USA or India if you wish to ship anywhere nationally.

  • Tax Rates: If you wish to collect sales tax for a few states, you should define a zone containing those states and then define tax rates for that zone. To create a tax rate, click on Tax Rates -> Sales Tax -> Add Tax Rates. Just add the % rate value, select the zone and specify the total to which the tax should be applied. When a buyer buys from your store, the taxes shall be applied as indicated.

  • Shipping Charges: This section allows you define shipping charges. You can define rates for standard & expedited shipping and also provide Free shipping based on order total for any destination zone you have defined. No International shipping allowed.

  • Discounts: This section allows you to provide discount to customers based on their order total. If a customer purchases goods worth the amount you specify from your store, they will be entitled to this discount.

  • Coupons: This section allows you to create discount coupons for your customers. You can create coupons based on order total, product or category. Customers will be able to use these coupons only if they meet the criterias defined by you in your store. We encourage you to update your Sale & Promotions text with any current Discount & Coupon information to attract buyers.

Product Management

Listing an item properly is the most important aspect of doing business online. Our feature rich Product Management Tool allows you to control every aspect of your products. Follow these guidelines to list your items -
  1. Login to your seller account and click on "Catalog" ⇒ "Add New Product".
  2. Images: Large Image & Thumbnail - Click on the "upload image" button and specify/upload large image for this product. During upload, you can either click on the "Browse" button to upload the image from your computer or if your image is already available online on your website, you just specify the image file url in the "File on the Internet (enter image URL)" column. Make sure to specify the full path including http://. If you only have one image, we would recommend that you specify the large image. Once the large image is selected, you can automatically create a thumbnail image for the product.
  3. Classification: Identify the best category under which this product should be displayed. Also select any additional categories.
  4. Product Details:
    • Availability: Identify if this product is available for sale. You can Hide or Disable the product if needed.
    • SKU: Provide a product code. It is recommended that you define a prefix for your store and use it as part of the SKU.
    • Product Name: Provide a brief description about the product. This is the most important part about the product as it also helps with search engine optimization. For example, if you are selling a "yellow bandhni skirt", you can write the name as "Cotton bandhni skirt for garba". Keep is under 72 characters.
    • Clean URL: Based on the product name, this is automatically generated. You could change it if needed.
    • Search Keyword: Enter comma separated search keywords which may help find this item when a customer searches online. Customers do not go to specific category to find your product but rather search for it. Adding good "Search Keywords" and a Better Description will make your product more discoverable.
    • Short Description:Write a short description about the product.
    • Detailed Description:Describe your product in detail. Make sure to write material, measurements etc. A better description helps generate more sale.
    • Price: The base price at which you are willing to sell this product. This price excludes any discount or sale.
    • List Price (Market Price): Average price at which other vendors are selling this product. This helps convince the buyer that they are paying a reasonable price. Customers will see $ OFF or % OFF based on this price.
    • Qty in stock: How many products you have for this item. Make sure to set this to 0 if the item is sold out. If you use "product variant", example an apparel with size L, XL & XXL; you can specify "qty in stock" for each size.
    • Low Stock Limit: Specify this if you want to be notified via email when the "Qty in stock" goes below this value.
    • Minimum order qty: Specify minimum order quantity.
    • Weight: Approximate weight of the product to help calculate shipping.
    • Product Return Time: Once an order is placed for this item, until when the customer can create a return requisition request.
    • Tax Exempt: Identify if this product should be tax exempted.
    • Free Shipping: Are you providing FREE Shipping on this item. If marked as 'yes' this product is excluded from total shipping cost calculation for the order.
    • Apply Global Discount: If you have enabled any discounts for your store, do you want to apply them to this product.
    There is no option to delete a product once added. You can either reuse the product by changing the picture and details about the item or you can change Qty in stock to 0 & set Availability to Hidden.

  5. Product Options: When selling a product which has variance but still considered the same product, you should not create multiple listing. Example, if you are selling an apparel which is available in 3 sizes - L, XL & XXL. In order to add "Product Option" please apply the available option from the list. Once you have selected the appropriate option, there are 3 type of options you can define for a product - 1) Price Modifier, 2) Product Variance and 3) Custom Text Field. Once you select "Product Variant", please visit Product Variant section to set sku / qty / weight / price for each option.

    Price Modifier: This option should be used when you do not want to maintain stock for each option type but just want to change a different price (Base Price + Surcharge) for each option. Typically, you will have an option without any surcharge and others with a surcharge. When the customer selects this option, the price of the product is changed based on the Base Price + the Surcharge Price and you do not need to track inventory for each item. Example - Gift Pack - You may wish to charge extra if the buyer select 'yes' for gift pack and yet you do not have different quantities for 'yes' & 'no'.

    Product Variant: This option should be used when you want to track inventory for each option and may be charge a different price. Set the SKU / Qty / Weight / Actual Price you want to charge the customer for each option. When the customer selects an option, they are charge the price you set and shipping is calculation based on the weight you set for that Variant. Once you select this type of "Product Option", Please click on the "Product Variant" to enter SKU, weight, quantity and price for each variant.

    Custom Field: This option should be used if you want customer to specify a value when purchasing this product. Example - You want customer to enter meaurements for a product they purchase.

  6. Wholesale Prices: This section allows you to define bulk order prices based on quantity.
  7. Upselling Links: This section allows you to promote related products when a customer is viewing an item you listed.
  8. Detailed Images: This section allows you to define more detailed images about the product.
Bulk Upload: You can also use a csv file to bulk upload your products. Just click on the import/export link and follow the online help.
We strongly recommend that you export a sample products csv first before importing to avoid any corruption.

We ask that sellers practice the following listing guidelines: If you have multiple identical copies of the same item, please use the quantity field rather than creating unique multiple listings. If you have an item with some variance, example an apparel is available in different size, use "product variant" option rather that creating multiple copies of the same item, this enhances buyer experience as they can just select the size once they locate a particular product. Once a product is sold, the quantity is automatically reduced.

Make sure to avoid mis-spelling and typos. How you describe your product, also identifies the quality of your product.

If you wish to Edit a Product, just search for the product, go to the product detail and follow the guidelines above.

Note: We periodically review product listing and may change the product details if they do not comply or for consistency.

Order Management will notify you via email once an item you have listed sells.
Once an order status is marked as "Processed" (payment has been received), you should ship the order to customer in 2 business days. To ship your order to customer, just follow these simple steps -
  1. Login to your seller account.
  2. Go to Orders -> New Orders to check for all the nsa order. Click on the order # to find out the details about the order, make sure order is marked as "Processed".
  3. Check the shipping type requested by the customer - Free Shipping, Standard or Express.
  4. Print an invoice to be included with the order.
  5. Use proper packaging to pack your order. In most cases, you can get free shipping supplies from the shipping carrier like USPS, UPS, Fedex and DHL etc.
  6. Print the shipping label by visiting the shipping carrier of your choice online.
  7. Once the order is shipped, add the tracking number to the order. To add Tracking Number; Click on "Add tracking number" button and add one or more tracking #. Click "✓" after adding each one. All orders must have a valid tracking # when marked as complete. If in an exceptional case you do not have the tracking #, please make a note in "Customer Notes" field and mention when and how the order was shipped.
  8. Click on "Complete the order" button to mark the order as "Complete". This will notify the customer with tracking information. The "Complete the order" button is only available for "Processed" orders.
Once an order is complete, it is no longer visible in Orders -> New Orders queue but can be searched thru Orders -> Search for orders.
Any order visible in the Orders -> New Orders queue is not eligible for payment unless that order is "Completed" following the steps above.
International shipping option is not available at this time.

How to Integrate with ShipStation?

To Integrate with ShipStation, follow the steps below -
In ShipStation, go to the Settings tab. And go into the Store Setup area under the the Selling Channels tab. To add, click + Connect a Store or Marketplace and select "Custom Stores".
Add Desiclik Sales Channel in ShipStation
In the connection window. enter the following information -
  1. URL to Custom XML Page:

  2. Username and password: Enter your Desiclik Seller account Email Address and Password in the username and password fields
  3. Order Status Mapping: Setup Order Status as shown below
    Awaiting Payment Statuses: Queued
    Awaiting Shipment Statuses: Processed
    Shipment Statuses: Complete
    Cancelled Statuses: Cancelled
    On Hold Statuses: Backordered
  4. Testing Connection: Click on Test Connection to make sure the communication is working
  5. Connect with Click Connect and you're done!
Integrate Desiclik with ShipStation
You can now import orders from, manage shipment and update tracking # automatically once the label is printed in Shipstation. Make sure to brand your email template as and you can also use the logo from the website.
Here is our suggestion for email subject line - - Order # [Order No] has been shipped!

Additional help can be found here - How do I connect a new sales channel in ShipStation?

Please reach out if you need any help.

How to boost your sale?

You can boost your sale by getting your products featured in the “Hot Deals” page.
This page contains hand picked most popular and best discounted items and is most prominently marketed across the site.
In order for your products to be featured on this "Hot Deals" page;
  • Product must have been added atleast 2 weeks ago and
  • The price of the item is being dropped by 10% or more
If any of your product meets the above criteria;
  1. Visit the "Product Management" page for that product in your control panel
  2. Reduce the product price by 10% or more
  3. Add “Special Offers” in the “Additional categories:”
Which items are the best candidates?
Start with picking some of the most popular items by visiting Orders->Merchant Reports->Products List report. This report will show you most popular items on top

When will my products show up in the “weekly deals” page?
All the products in the “Special Offers” category are reviewed every week. The best deals and most discounted items are added to the "Hot Deals” page based on the current trend. If your product is not added in 1 week, it will get added in another week, please be patient.

Disclaimer: reserves the right to decide to approve reject items that are featured in the "Hot Deals" page. The decision may be based on other factors not disclosed here.

Returns & Refunds

As a seller at, you must be willing to accept returns from customers. This promotes good online business practice. An Online Return Request can be created from "order management" by clicking on "Create Returns". The return requisition can be created by either the customer or the seller.
1. Customer can create a return request if they want to return an item for any reason - defective, different than what was mentioned or just does not like.
2. Seller can create a return/refund request if an item that was returned does not have a return request or only partial shipment was made as 1 or more items in an order were not in stock.
Once a return requisition is created online, as a seller you can control what to do with the return by visiting the "Returns" page under "Orders". The Buyer may initiate return request by any other means of communication. As a Seller, you must take one of the following action for any Return Request (Online or otherwise) - Decline, Approve or Authorize. To account for a Return Request or process a Refund by, as a seller; you MUST take appropriate action -
  1. "Decline" a return request. You MUST ONLY "Decline" the request if it does not meet your "return policy" as stated. Any "Chargeback" resulting from the "Decline" will be passed on to the Seller. When using the online Return Requisition Request, this action would also notify the customer that their return request has been declined.
  2. "Approve" a return request. When using the online Return Requisiotn Request, this would also notify the customer that their return request has been approved and they are eligible to return the merchandise.
  3. "Authorize" a refund. This should be done, once the physical return is received. Please authorize the Amount you want to refund to the customer. Once a return is "Authorized", the status of the return cannot be changed.
  4. For any returns which are marked as "Authorized", will refund the authorized amount to the customer and mark the return status to "Complete".
Return request MUST also be created when 1 of the item(s) in your order is not in stock or the customer wants to remove an item from the order. Please make sure to create a Return Request promptly to promote good service.

Out of Stock Items

Sellers must keep their inventory up-to-date at all times; however, you will occasionally run into a situation in which an item is out of stock. If this occurs, notify the buyer (see Communicating with Buyer), and follow the Cancel and Order procedure to refund the buyer.

Please make sure that you notify the buyer within 2 business day if an item they ordered is not in stock.

Cancel an Order

Cancelling an order before shipment - If the buyer contacts you to Cancel an order or you as a seller want to Cancel the order due to items not in stock, go to the specific order and

1. Add a note in the "Order notes (not visible to customer)" section for Cancellation
2. Click "Apply Changes". DO NOT click "Complete the order"
3. This will notify and full order amount will be refunded to the customer.

Cancellation must be done promtly in 2 business days so that the Customer can look for another item if needed.

Product Q & A

Customers can ask questions directly to sellers when they are on the product page. You as a seller will receive an email with details about the question. Please make sure to reply to customer question promptly so you can convert the question to a sale. Your answer is posted diretly on the product page for everyone to see.

1. Visit the Product Q & A section under Catalog.
2. Click on "Reply" to the specific question you are replying to
3. Submit your reply.

Customer is notified with your reply and the answer is posted on your product page.

Order Communication

In order to communicate with the buyer regarding a specific order, please follow these simple steps -
  1. Login to your seller account.
  2. Search for the order and go to "Order Details" by clicking on the order #.
  3. Add a note in "New Customer notes" and Click on "Apply Changes" button. This will notify the customer about the order updates.
You also have acces to the phone # and email address of the buyer to communicate with them directly. We encourage you to take advantage of the above mechanism when communicating with the buyer, as every note is logged for reference. When communicating via email, please use the original order email as reference.

In order to communicate with regarding a specific order, please follow these simple steps -
  1. Login to your seller account.
  2. Search for the order and go to "Order Details" by clicking on the order #.
  3. Add a note in "New Order notes" and Click on "Apply Changes" button. This will notify about the order updates.

Buyer Feedback

We invite buyers to leave feedback about your performance as a seller. Seller feedback is an important element in buyer purchasing decisions. Your feedback rating is a key metric which allows us to to measure your performance. Maintaining a high feedback rating is a critical factor for success.

A summary of feedback from your buyers is visible to any customer in the Seller Profile page. This includes the average of your 1-to-5-star ratings and comments from buyers.

Buyer feedback rewards and recognizes sellers who communicate well and ship quickly. Customers are more likely to purchase products from sellers with higher ratings. Your performance as a seller is reflected in your feedback from customers.


A chargeback occurs when a cardholder contacts their bank to dispute the charge for an order. Chargebacks can be filed for a variety of reasons, ranging from non-receipt of the item ordered to unauthorized use of the credit card.

If a charge dispute was filed for an order you fulfilled, we will contact you to provide us with all the details about to order to help us fight the chargeback.

Chargeback fee for a tradnsaction is $25. To prevent a debit for any dispute, follow good shipping practices and prompt customer service for a damaged or returned item. You can limit number of disputes by using a shipping method with a tracking number and signature required for high value merchandise. We would strongly recommend that you update the shipping details on promptly to make the customer be aware of the progress.

In order to further limit the chargeback disputes on unauthorized transactions, you can also call the customer especially for orders over $50 to make sure it is a genuine purchase.

As outlined in our agreement with you, sellers are responsible for any type of chargeback including but not limited to charges from damaged item, material difference in the merchandise and non-receipt.

Best Practices

Whether you're a small home based business or a high-volume seller, wants you to succeed. Keeping that goal in mind, provides all the tools and techniques to help you sell more and let you focus on growing your business and not have to worry about the mechanics of selling. Below you will find a lot of useful information which will help improve your brand and increase your sale.

  • Finding Answers: The easiest and quickest way to find answers to any question is to visit Seller Help Pages. Here you will find answers to most common questions. If you cannot find an answer to a question you have, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Account Management: Make sure to keep your shipping, refund & other policies up-to date.

  • Product Management: Update your online inventory regularly to avoid sale of items which are out of stock. Once an item is sold, the quantity is automatically reduced but if yor are selling items through other venues, the product quantity may be out of date. Before pricing your items, research prices for comparable products and adjust yor price as necessary. Do not create multiple products for a single item available in different options. When describing your product, make sure to check spelling etc as the buyers get an idea about the quality of product by reading it's description. Proper description also helps with search engine optimization.

  • Order Management: Check your Seller interface regularly to find out about new sales, rather than relying exclusively on e-mail notifications. Take action when the order status is "Processed". Provide high-quality customer service, which includes handling refunds and returns in a timely manner. Refund an order within 48 hours that you are unable to fill and issue refunds for returns within five business days of receipt. Order details also allows you to send email notification to customer about an order.

  • Order Fulfillment: Always ship your order within 2 business days of order notification once the order status is marked as "Processed" (payment has been received). Include an invoice with your item. You can print it from your Seller Account. Don't forget to include your return address. Please also review our Order Management for details. Include a note with your package with your contact information and encourage your buyer to leave you feedback by visiting Once the order is shipped, visit your seller interface, go to the order details, add the tracking number and click on the "Complete" button to mark the order as complete. This will notify the customer with tracking information.

  • Customer Service: Answer all buyer inquiries within 24 hours of receipt. Good communication with buyers promotes good feedback for sellers. We encourage you to use the reputation we've established to leverage your own business.

  • Customer Reviews: Encourage your customers to write reviews about your products and services. Customers can login and visit your home page to write review about your service or visit the product page to write review about your product.

  • Security: Change your password regularly. Make sure to include a number and special character in your password. We do not ask for any sensitive information via email. Submit such information only when registering & setting up your store. Review our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Notice for more information about our practices.


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