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Top fashion trends in India

Fashion is one thing which is very dynamic and changes from time to time. The best way to remain in fashion and to keep up with the changing trends in fashion market is to stay updated with the new trends in the market and to dress accordingly. Now, here are some of the trends which are ruling the fashion market in India currently. You can check out these new fashions in many of the online sites that sell traditional Indian apparel both in India and countries like USA, UK, Australia and others. If not, you can also look for them in the designer clothes outlets.

The latest trends in Indian fashion

Latest Indian fashion apparel The shades of ice cream - The pairing up of the citrus shades of liveliness along with the softer ones will make you look cool. You can choose colors like mango, tangerine, green apple, etc. and then pair them up with the shades like onion, marshmallow, lilac, etc. That will definitely make you look trendier.

Capes - Well, the capes are redefining the fashion and it’s a must have in the wardrobe this season. The elegant colors along with the various sizes and fabrics, they are simply trendy. All you have to do is to choose the color which suits you and you are on with the retro style.

The exotic prints - The patterns, bold or rich are also helpful in making you stand out from the rest. Now, the colorful floral patterns or the rainforest patterns are very much in trend. You can also pick the cactus printings, fluidic silhouettes, which are ruling the market.

Fusion of the Indian fashion with the western trends - Fusing the Indian with western fashion is also cool. For example, you can wear a cropped zipper top along with a classic Indian golden colored lehenga. You have to keep it as simple as possible and also not try much. Along with it you can try some matching headgears to make it look trendier.

Turbans - Turbans are a bold fashion and also come as a handy tool for saving a bad hair day. You can use it for the vacations, beach days, etc. It will keep your hair in place as well as save it from the heat of the sun. so, turbans can be used properly to pair up with matching dresses to give a trendier look.

Vintage with modern taste - you can mix up the vintage taste with the modern trends. The vintage and old fashion clothes are more on the warmer fashion with classy cuts and romantic clothes. You can mix them up with a taste of the new fashion.

Cutout clothes - The cutouts have become the fashion trends in recent years. Just a small cut here and there will not only make you look sexy, it will also help you steal the show and standout among the others. It is bold, trendy and also cool.

You can look up these latest fashion trends at online Indian apparel boutiques like, USA or at any ethnic designer fashion outlet.

Posted on August 19th, 2015

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