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Rates & Fees

Do you already have a business and want to grow? Are you just planning to start a business to sell Indian products online in the USA?

DesiClik.com can help you grow your business in 2 ways -
  1. Sell @ DesiClik.com - If you have unique products from India / South East Asia and would like to sell them online, just sign-up as a seller and start selling.
  2. Advertise @ DesiClik.com - If you already have an e-commerce website related to India, we can help you get more targeted visitors by placing banner advertisements of your website. Please Contact Us and we can create a custom advertisement solution for you, to help you grow your business.

Setup Cost

For a limited time, signup/setup is FREE and there is NO COST to you for signing up and selling at DesiClik.com. We charge a small % as "Service Fee/Commission" only when your product is sold.

Rates & Fees

At this time, DesiClik.com is only available to sellers in the USA. We do have plans on expanding to most countries around the world in the near future.

Service Fee/Commission

For Sellers in USA: For a limited time, our service fee is 18.00% of order total.

The charges above include all payment processing fees and other charges. Compare these rates to Amazon Market Place, which charges more than 18% on sale and a fixed monthly fee. The above fee is only charged once your product is sold.

Featured Store

Featured store option allows sellers to get more exposure to the store which in turn helps them increase their sales. Visitors at DesiClik.com can see these stores more prominently in multiple pages. If you wish to have your store appear as a featured store, the following rates apply -

For Sellers in USA: For 3 months, the price is $9.99 and for 6 months the price $14.99.

For a limited time, the above fee is waived for the 3 months "featured store" package ($9.99 value).

Other Services

If you need help setting up your products, our rates are -
For Sellers in USA: USD .99 per product.

For a limited time, the above fee is waived.


DesiClik.com is a one stop marketplace for selling anything Indian/south asian. That means we get targeted visitors who are looking to buy products from India.
Following are just some of the advantages of selling at DesiClik.com
  1. In business since March, 2010.
  2. No cost for signing and setting up a store.
  3. No fixed expenses for running your store.
  4. No technical knowledge required.
  5. No marketing cost, we take care of all the marketing work for you.
  6. No separate payment processor required, the rates above include all payment gateway fees and charges.
  7. Control every aspect of your store including logo, policies, sales, discounts, coupons, tax, shipping charges and more.
  8. Freedom to concentrate on expanding your business and we take care of all the logistics.
  9. Become part of a growing community who sell products from India.
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