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Even though there are many types of glamorous clothing that are now sold all over the world, yet the increasing popularity of traditional Indian dresses cannot be neglected nor overemphasized. Nearly all countries in the world have some special clothing that is peculiar to their culture and traditions. One of such countries is India. It has being for a long time that India has been recognized to be among few of the countries with most beautiful dressings all over the world. Many people now buy their attires and design it to suite the modern fashion.


Indian Dress for Women Indian clothing is very colourful and reflects the rich ethnicity & heritage of India. Even though, there are several style of clothing that are common through the country, each part of the country has their own style of dressing that is peculiar to them.

For instance, women from the northern part of the country can wear an attire in one style while the same type of attire can be worn by the southern part of the country in a different style. Though, many Indians are now wearing shirt and trousers just like the western countries, but there are traditional dressings that are designed for their women as well as their men.

Below are the major types of traditional dressing for women in Indian:
1. SHARARA: When talking about the most preferred traditional dressing by Indian women for ceremonial purpose such as wedding, the topic is Sharara attire. Indian women love to wear Sharara to a wedding ceremony either as the bride or as a guest. There are various types of sharara dressing but their cost of purchase varies according to their decorations or designs and the quality.

2. SALWAR KAMEEZ: One of the most relaxed and traditional Indian dress that women can wear to parties, wedding ceremony, and to working place is Salwar Kameez. It is a very common traditional attire for Indian women which comprises a long tunic – also known as Kameez – and pyjamas. Depending on the style, the length of the tunic or kameez can either be a short one that covers the ankle or a long one that extends to the knee. The modern salwar kameez are slim fitted one correcting the problem of looseness in the traditional attire. It is mostly worn in the northern part of Indian and mostly by teenage girls. The Anarkali Suit is the latest style in Indian fashion that are very appropriate for parties and wedding.

3. SAREES: One of the most widespread dressing that you can easily observe is Saree. It is the most used traditional attires by women of all ages. There are different types of Saree but the style with which it is worn is different from one region of the country to another. For instance, women in the northern part of the country can wear saree in a different styles from those from the southern part of the country.


Indian clothing for men Just like the dressings for women, so there are different types of dressing also for men and the style with which different clothe is worn varies according to the regions of the country.

Below are the major types of traditional attire that worn by Indian men:
1. KURTA PYJAMA: The kurta is mainly a male tunic that worn on a pyjama. It can come either in short length that reaches the ankle, or in a long length that extends to the knees. Just like saree and dhoti kurta is worn together, the kurta pyjama and the salwar kameez can be worn together as a comparable clothe too.

2. DHOTI KURTA: An exemplary traditional clothe for Indian men is the Dhoti Kurta. It can be worn in different styles. People living in the southern part of the country often wear it in a different way that people leaving in the northern part of Indian.

3. LUNGI: The Lungi is a type of traditional attire that is mostly worn in the southern part of Indian. This type of dressing is thought to be an informal dressing but not in Indian because it is worn by people of high positions and celebrities. The above listed types of Indian dresses are not the only available Indian traditional clothing styles for men and women. These are just the major ones that are popularly worn in Indian. For a comprehensive list of traditional Indian dresses and their price with pictures, visit Traditional Indian Clothing Section – the largest online Indian market place in the USA.

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