7 Best Selling Indian Products Online In USA

Best Selling Indian Products

This year due to the pandemic, it is a little challenging to walk out to markets and buy the essentials for your household, especially if you are a resident of the US. The increasing cases have let all the markets to close off with no fixed date of re-opening. DesiClik has now managed to bring all the necessary items to your home in this difficult time of COVID. You can just visit the site and look for your requirements. You will be extra happy if you are looking for Indian goods. 

Here are some of those trending products:


Craftea - Chai Making Machine at Desiclik

Craftea is one of the top-rated and in-demand products required by many households these days. It is a tea maker machine which eases your headache of preparing tea for the whole family. It is a quick machine that ensures the whole and authentic flavours of tea. 

If you are tired of having the regular coffee and now crave for Indian tea this fall season, Craftea is an Indian style automatic chai maker. Order your chai maker now and sit back and relax with you Indian style tea. 


Craved Jhoolas at Desiclik

Sure, you want to add new items to your house for more comfort and decoration. You can invest your money in Carved Jhoola that can make your place more elegant. This is a handcrafted wooden sankheda, just like the royals used in biblical times. 

It is an Indian Jhula that can fulfil your dreams of having an indoor swing. It is available in gold and black colours that can match all the places in your house. 


Tandoori Oven - Desiclik

Preparing the best meal is also a challenging task these days, especially when it comes to cooking for the whole family. The tandoor oven is a trending product these days. It is a 34”× 34” oven with NSF gas. Now preparing Indian food overseas is a simple task with the availability of this product. 

You can also use this tandoor oven to open up a catering business or restaurant. The tandoori oven for restaurants can help you to grow your small business to new peaks. 


Pooja Mandir at Desiclik

Pooja mandir is an essential product for most Indian homes. The panchmukh wooden temple is one topping the list these days. The silver pooja mandir for homes is the best product you can purchase. It is small in size that can fit anywhere at your place. 


Indian Groceries Online at Desiclik

Enjoy the tastes of India with the high-quality Indian food selection as we have a comprehensive selection of all that you need for a quintessential Indian Home.


There is no time left for the Navratri season this year. This is the season where all the Indians worship their mother goddesses with great joy and happiness. People celebrate the whole season with their family and friends and praise the gods by taking part in feasts and pujas altogether. We truly believe that God lies in our hearts, but any offering without the idols can never be complete. These are small-sized statues well suited for your pooja mandir. These navratri products are available in brass and silver that will make your home-temple look more impressive. 


Carrom Board at Desiclik
Carrom boards are a favourite time-pass indoor activity for kids as well as the oldies.  Don’t miss the fun with your family and explore more fun activities with this Tabakh finest 16mm precise carrom boards. 

It comes with all the required accessories, like, coins, striker and powder. So, don’t wait and order one to spend some quality time with your family.


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