Explore Most Popular Indian Handicrafts Across India

India, with its rich and diverse cultural heritage, boasts an extensive range of traditional handicrafts that beautifully reflect the country’s history and artistry. These Indian handicrafts, created by skilled artisans, are not just decorative items but embody the essence of Indian tradition and culture. They add a unique charm to home decor and can transform […]

Wisdom of Ancient Indian Communities for Sustainability & Eco-Friendliness

The environmental crises faced by the modern world—climate change, deforestation, and loss of biodiversity—highlight the urgent need for sustainable and eco-friendly practices. While contemporary solutions often focus on technological advancements, there is much to learn from ancient communities whose lives were deeply intertwined with nature. Among these, the Bishnoi community of Rajasthan stands out as […]

Exploring Traditional Indian Furniture: History, Craftsmanship, and Types of Wood

Introduction Traditional Indian furniture is a testament to the country’s rich cultural heritage, remarkable craftsmanship, and diverse natural resources. Each piece tells a story, embodying centuries of artisanal skills passed down through generations. This article delves into the history of Indian furniture, highlighting its distinctive characteristics and the types of wood commonly used. Historical Background […]

7 Best Selling Indian Products Online In USA

This year due to the pandemic, it is a little challenging to walk out to markets and buy the essentials for your household, especially if you are a resident of the US. The increasing cases have let all the markets to close off with no fixed date of re-opening. DesiClik has now managed to bring […]


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