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Navrati Pooja, the celebration of Mother Goddess’s victory is the festival of good over evil. It is a festivity of various cultures and customs and the beginning of the festive season. It is one of the biggest and joyous festivals, the reunion of families and friends. It is believed that Navratri Pooja eliminates negative impressions and brings mental stability and prosperity to life. During this season, people gather together and perform the rituals to make the Mother Goddess happy. 

To perform the rituals correctly, a lot of pooja items are required. As Navratri 2020 is here, you must be worried about buying all the essentials, especially when the whole world is shut due to the pandemic. DesiClik has brought all the navratri pooja items online for all the Indian households of the USA. 

You can take a look at the white metal pooja items online to set up your perfect mandir. There is a variety of white-metal pooja mandir available at DesiClik for Navratri 2020. They are available in different shapes and sizes that suit your place the best. Along with the small home-temples, you can also decide on the idols of the same material. Bringing Goddess Durga to your home is the first step of victory over evil thoughts by showing your true faith. 

To fill up the mandir with all the essentials, you can order brass pooja items online. Brass bells, pooja thalis, diyas and lotas are the most important things you may need to make your Goddess happy. Diyas are used to brighten up your home from all the ominous shadows. Bells help to divert you from sad thoughts. Whereas, the thalis and lotas are to make the offering to God. A whole new collection of these brass items has been added this season so that you can follow your traditions while sitting at home too. 

Silver coins are also a part of pooja material in some traditions. It is the best-seller silver pooja items online in the Navratri 2020 season. They are worshipped to make Goddess Laxmi happy and bring fortune to the home. Buying silver on Danteras, two weeks after Navratri Pooja, is a symbol of keeping evil and death away. You can also purchase pure silver idols and diyas for your mandir.

After setting up your perfect small temple at home with bells, idols and coins; pooja samagri is required to perform the sermons. At DesiClik, you can find all-purpose pooja samagri items this Navratri season. The pack contains all the 13 requisites to make your Durga Goddess pleased and perform the traditions in a proper and perfect way. It is a sringar kit required to decorate the idol. 

With DesiClik, you can find all the pooja items online for Navratri 2020 with just a click while sitting at home. Find what is best and well-suited for your place and enjoy the festive season with your loved ones with no worries of the pandemic. 


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