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Indian Handicrafts are not only enriched but also diverse in forms and nature; let’s take a quick look upon the popular forms of Indian handicrafts.

Bamboo crafts

Handicraft created from cane and bamboo, apart from creating home decorating showpieces from bamboo and cane Indian artists are also expert in creating cane made bangles, earrings. Aside of that furniture, baskets, mats, umbrella handles, jewelry boxes, dukula and several different items are crafted from bamboo in India.

Bone craft

From an undistinguished time of history bone and horn crafted items are popular in India and still now handicraftsman from states like Karnataka, Kerala, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh are engaged in hewing various bone and horn crafted items like pen sands, pen, walking sticks, snuff boxes, paper weights, lamp shades and many more.


Moradabad of Uttar Pradesh is famous for this handicraft; the craftsmen shape masterpieces of art on brass. Metal crafting is an ancient art form of India and this proclamation is supported by the evidence from the archeological findings of 300 B.C at Kali Bangan and Baluchistan of Rajasthan. God’s figures, ornament box, wine glasses, bowls, plates made from brass are hugely used in Indian houses and utensils made from brass are used in auspicious occasions like puja, marriage etc.

Leather craft

India is well-known for the crafted leather products. Uttar Pradesh is a significant source for finished leather products. The tanneries that are located in Kanpur are noted in the whole world for the most excellent leather that is tanned by them. Kanpur and Agra of UP are the two noted manufacturing hubs for leather items.

Clay crafts

Latest Indian fashion apparel According to the last found information the starting point of clay craft can be dated back to the days of Indus valley civilization in India. Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and West Bengal have their diverse and distinctive pattern of clay crafts. The ‘terracotta’ crafts that were originated in West Bengal, ‘paper pottery’ of Alwar, Rajasthan and ‘khujra’ pottery of Uttar Pradesh are hugely popular. The clay dolls of Krishnanagar, West Bengal are also famous. During the reign of Sultans India flourished in manufacturing blue pottery. Showpieces made from clay are commonly used in decorating Indian rooms.

Wood craft

Before Indians learned to craft products out of stone they gained excellence in making items out of wood. Manipur of the state Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Kerala and Jammu and Kashmir are among the Indian states that are famed for wooden handicrafts. Apart from that carved rosewood and sandalwood of Rajasthan are also eminent in all over the world.

The Indian handicrafts have become popular not only in the subcontinents but also in Europe and America. For more details on the above mentioned types of handmade artwork, please explore our site and visit online Indian handicrafts section.

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