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Summary - India has a rich legacy of art and craft and the vast samples of Indian handicrafts give enough substance to prove that.

During the ancient times in India, tribals used to live in colonies. They used to craft items to be used for daily needs and this art is called handicrafts. With time Indian handicrafts have managed to carve their unique niche in the world of décor and craft. These days home décor from India is celebrated across the world and the carved furniture is marked for the intricacy and ethnicity that it displays.

References of handicrafts was first found in ruins of the Indus valley civilization which had a rich tradition in this matter. The display of sheer brilliance can be seen in its various forms of craft like jewelery and pottery making, sculptures of terracotta, metal and stone, etc. It has also been found that some of the handicrafts were also exported to Arabian countries at that time. The Vedic era perfectly inherited this rich heritage and various kinds and examples of crafts, especially pottery can be seen. Mauryan Empire, golden age of Guptas, Cholas and Vijaynagar Empire, Chandelas and the Mughal era- all contributed to the development and evolution of Indian handicrafts.

Types of Indian crafts

North India

There are various kinds of decorative items in paper mache range that are found in Kashmir. These items are used by people around the world for their Christmas decorations. Beautiful carved furniture and crafts are made out of walnut wood. Various types of carved elephants are also in demand outside as items for home décor from India. Copper handicraft items are also found in Kashmir and these beautifully carved items flaunt copper antique finish. Ferozabad of Uttar Pradesh is famous for various types of glass handicrafts such as vases, chandeliers, candle stands, etc. Agra is quite famous for handicrafts made out of marbles and chappals and leather shoes. Wooden furniture and handicrafts are staples of Bareli. Other than these, this side is also known for its various hand embroidery and various types of garments.

East India

Tribal crafts and art are quite popular of East India. One of the most prominent include bamboo craft which are eco-friendly and made from fibers, natural straws, metal, stone, wood, etc. others include serpentite stone pottery and natural straws crafts found in Manipur. Bihar and Orissa are famed for applique crafts and art, Madhubani paintings, paper mache items, etc.

West India

Miniature paintings, metal crafts, furniture, stone and marble crafts, dresses, wooden decorative items, puppets, etc are available at Rajasthan. Gujarat is famous for its beautiful wall hangings, embroidered cotton items, bed sheets, quilts, etc.

South India

Andhra Pradesh is known for its bnidri crafts, Tanjor paintings, brass statues, wooden toys, leather lampshades, coconut crafts, shell handicrafts, etc. Rosewood carved handicrafts are famous in Madurai.

The uniqueness of Indian handicrafts and items of home décor from India lie in the fact that they have a unique look and feel to the objects. The look and feel of what is crafted by hand cannot be achieved if the same thing is crafted by using machines. Hand carved furniture from India have a charm of its own and every piece has a history to tell. Many of the crafts mentioned above are exported to countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia and other countries.

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