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Using Terracotta in Handicrafts & Jewelry

The term Terracotta means baked clay or baked earth in Latin and since olden days, Terracotta has found its place in the hearts of many artists. Significant terracotta works is being observed since ancient days of the Indus Valley civilization. With the advent of time, the artwork of Terracotta has found its place in Indian handicrafts and jewelry designs as well. These terracotta stuffs are widely popular globally and specially in the US and hence the industry of terracotta handicrafts and jewelry making has been a major employment generation sector in land of India.

In the current era of modernism, Indian jewelry designs are undergoing a transition from traditional make and designs to modern day designs which are trendier and more appealing and hence there is huge competition for the art of terracotta in the jewelry industry. This traditional artwork is also undergoing a phase of change as craftsmen are making more intricate designs out of Terracotta art to make the jewelry match the competition.

Jewelry made of Terracotta is stylish and colorful

A lot of people prefer Terracotta jewelry over other jewelries as this one is natural, eco-friendly and has a touch of simplicity and can be worn with ethnic, semi-formal as well as every day wear. Earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings, bracelets, which are heavily embellished, are very popular Terracotta jewelry items as they can be gifted across as well as used in various occasions.

Another reason why the jewelry made of Terracotta has been very popular amongst people is that as it is made of clay, reactions on skin normally does not happen for anybody. Whatever may be the skin type, jewelry made of terracotta would not cause allergy to the person who is wearing it. Also as most of the jewelry items of Terracotta are very brightly colored, they can be worn with colorful dresses and the overall appearance of the person comes out as very bright and colorful. In the last few years, the demand for terracotta costume jewelry that are made in India have surged significantly in the USA. The online boutiques have made is much easier for consumers to get access to such beautiful handmade artwork.

Aesthetic Terracotta handicrafts

Another form of Terracotta is the handicraft items which are found in many Indian houses as decorative items for interior home decor. These terracotta handicrafts are primarily being prepared in two places of India, Bishnupur in West Bengal and Pushkar in Rajasthan, the former having gained the reputation worldwide for making the world famous Terracotta horse of Bishnupur.

Apart from the horse, terracotta handicrafts include a lot of varieties of items like Terracotta diyas or lamps that is being used by people to lighten their houses during the holy festival of Diwali. Also, various designer pots and bowls, lamp shades, dolls, made out of terracotta finds their place in the interior decorations. Many of the goddess Durga idols created during Durga Puja are made of terracotta.

A major reason why Terracotta is being used extensively in Indian handicraft and Jewelry making is that these are bio friendly products and do not cause any damage to the environment. If handled with care, these items of terracotta handicrafts and jewelry would last for long as they are made of clay that is being baked in the oven. Being cheaper and brighter than its other counterparts, terracotta items have a good selling prospect till far future.

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