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Terracotta Jewelry Online

Terracotta jewelry is handmade from baked polymer clay and look elegant. These jewellery pieces of art are an excellent alternative to expensive gold & silver jewelry. Most terracotta jewelries are all natural and do not have any allergic reactions due to the ingredients. They come a both ethnic and contemporary designs.

How to make terracotta jewellery in step by step?

If you are interested in making terracotta jewelry sets on your own, here are some simple instructions. There are different methods of making terracotta jewellery are available. The basic steps are described below.

Required Ingredients
Rounded bar to toll
Smoothen clay
Carving tools
Coconut oil
Eye pins/Headpins
Quilling mould
Tool pint
Syringe for the impression

Step 1
At first, you need to take smoothen clay and then knead well. You should apply oil in your hand to avoid clay from sticking on hand. Then make clay flat by just rolling this with rounded bar. Take water can cap to get the proper shape according to your choice. If you want round shaped, then make round Clay pendant.

Step 2
In this step, you have to make the umbrella-shaped (i.e. jhumka shape) by using quilling mould. Now place the shaped clay over round shaped pendant with the help of 3 of the cut head pins.

Step 3
Now you are required to mail some of the small beads and then place this around that umbrella shaped clay with the help of eye pins/cut head pins.

Step 4
In this step, you have to flatten that clay and then make the round shape button by using fevi stick cap. Thereafter make a hole in the middle with the help of the tool pin and then put that round shape button at the top of that rounded shaped pendant.

Step 5
Now you need to make some small beads and then put this around rounded shaped pendant by just using the eye pins/cut head pins.

Step 6
In this step, you are supposed to make designs over that pendant. On the other hand, you also have to make button according to your choice, and then you can enhance the effects by using carving tool or something else. You are allowed to utilize the syringe, carving tool, etc. Apart from this, the impressions are also allowed to be done with the help of pen cap, toothpaste, bangle or the shells.

Step 7
At last, you are supposed to make medium sized beads of about 34 to 40 no to make the necklace. Make small hole in the center of these beads with the help of tool pin.
Your terracotta jewelry is ready. Just dry them for 24 hours and bake them. After baking, you can paint them and once dry you are can wear them normally.

You can be as creative as you would like to create various patterns of necklace and pendant. Also, play with the colors paint them in bright colors for trendy look. You can buy Terracotta Jewelry online in the USA at best Price. Continue browsing our site for SALE on Terracotta Jewelry and other unique Indian products & traditional gifts with FREE SHIPPING options on 1000s of items. Click on individual product to view additional SALE & discounts.

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