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Ramayana 16 DVD Set (Religious DVD)

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Ramayana 16 DVD Set DVD
Cast Members-
Director- Ramanand Sagar

Disc 1 Curtain Raiser 1 Curtain Raiser 2 Episode 1 - The saga of Ramayan. God's prayers to the Almighty Lord Vishnu. King Dashrath's yagna invoking blessings for a son. Birth and childhood of Shri Ram. Episode 2 - Childhood of Shri Ram. Thread ceremony of Shri Ram. Fundamental education imparted to Shri Ram in Gurukul. Episode 3 - Continuation of fundamental education in Gurukul. Vedanta. Invocating praises of Lord Shiva. Culmination of education in Gurukul.
Disc 2 Episode 4 - Return to ayodhya. Vishwamitra requests King Dashrath for his son Shri Ram o accompany him. Shri Ram slays Tadaka. Vishwamitra bestows divine weapons on Shri Ram. Warfare of Shri Ram and Lakshman with Subahu and Mareech. Episode 5 - Shri Ram and Lakshman proceed to Mithila. Story of the origin of Ganga. Redemption of Ahiliya. Shri Ram and Lakshman walk through the streets of Mithila. Episode 6 - Janak welcomes Vishwamitra, Shri Ram and Lakshman. Shri Ram and Lakshman serve Vishwamitra. Shri Ram and Sita behold one another in the royal garden. Episode 7 - Sita Swayamwar. King's efforts to lift the Shiv Dhanush. Guru Vishwamitra orders Shri Ram to go forth. Episode 8 - Shri Ram breaks the Shiv Dhanush. Sita garlands Shri Ram. Parshuram arrives and admits defeat.
Disc 3 Episode 9 - Janak's message to King Dashrath. Marriage procession welcomed in Janakpuri. The four brothers are married to the daughter of Janak and his brother. Episode 10 - The event of the marriage of Shri Ram with Sita. Episode 11 - Janak's paternal affection for Sita. Sita's departure from Mithila. The four daugters-in-law welcomed in Ayodhya. Episode 12 - Departure of Guru Vishwamitra from Ayodhya. King Dashrath decides to appoint Shri Ram as his heir. Proclamation of his decision in town. Manthara's opposition to the proclamation. Episode 13 - Celebrations mark the proclamation of Shri Ram as heir to the throne. Manthara provokes Kaikayee. Kaikayee gets intot a rage.
Disc 4 Episode 14 - King Dashrath also gets into an angry state of mind. Kaikayee requests for two wishes. King Dashrath relents to his promise. Bharat is hailed as future king and Shri Ram is sent to the forest in exile. Episode 15 - Kaikayee's action is condemned by everyone. Shri Ram bids Kaushalya farewell before leaving for the forest. Sita and Lakshman resolves to go to the forest. Episode 16 - Joruney to the forest. King Dashrath gets perturbed and denounces Kaikayee as his wife. The grief stricken peple accompany Shri Ram's chariot. While the people are asleem, on the banks of river Tamshe, Shri Ram leaves. Episode 17 - Shri Ram wlecomed Nishadraj. Shri Ram and Lakshman don the sages' robes. A boat is arranged for crossing Ganga. Episode 18 - After fulfilling the condition of the Khebat, they cross the Ganga. They arrive at Rishi Bhardwaj's ashram. They take leave of Nishadraj and process to Chitrakoot.
Disc 5 Episode 19 - Shri Ram and Lakshman in Valmiki;s ashram. They build the hut in Chitrakoot. They stay in Chitrakoot. Episode 20 - Sumant returns to Ayodhya alone. King Dashrath moruns the separation with his son. He remembers Shravan Kumar's father's curse. King Dashrath breathes his last. Episode 21 - In Nanihal, Bharat's premonition saddens him. Bharat and Shatrughan return to Ayodhya. On hearing about the sudden demise of their father, they are deeply shocked. Bharat develops hatred towards his mother and disowns her. Episode 22 - Bharat perfroms King Dashrath's last rites. Bharat rejects his coronation. Bharat decides to crown Shri Ram in the forest and return with him. Episode 23 - Bharat and Shatrughan are accompanied by the gurus, the queens and the people to the forest. They reach the outskirts of the territory of Nishadraj. After meeting Muni Bhardwaj, they proceed towards Chitrakoot.
Disc 6 Episode 24 - Lakshman gets angry on receiving the news of Bharat's arrival in the forest. The reunion of ShriRam and Bharat. On hearing the sad news, Shri Ram mourns the death of his father. A meeting is held to persuade Shri Ram to return to Ayodhya. Episode 25 - In Chitrakoot, King Janak conducts a meeting to plead with Shri Ram to return to Ayodhya. Bharat returns to Ayodhya with Shri Ram's Paduka (wooden footwear). Episode 26 - Bharat also dons the sages' robes and rules Ayodhya as Shri Ram's representative. In Nandiram, Shri Ram's Paduka is installed on the throne of Ayodhya. Episode 27 - Sita meets Atri and mother Anusuiya. Shri Ram, Lakshman and Sita arrive at Sage Sharbhang's ashram. Sage Sharbhang attains Moksha after seeing Shri Ram. Episode 28 - In Dandakaranya, seeing the bones of the sages, Shri Ram takes a vow to destroy the demons. Shri Ram meets Sage Sutikshna. Shri Ram meets Maharishi Agastya and receives divine weapons from him
Disc 7 Episodes 29-33
Disc 8 Episode 34 - In the forest, Shri Ram kills Kabandha. Shri Ram and Lakshman reach Shabari's ashram. Shabari is overwhelmed as she meets her Lord. Episode 35 - Sugriv notices two strangers and sends Hanuman. Hanuman recognises Shri Ram and happily carries the two brothers to the top of the hill to Sugriv. Episode 36 - Friendship of Shri Ram and Sugriv. Shree Ram sees Sita's jewels and becomes emotional. He promoses to punish Bali for persecuting Sugriv. Episode 37 - Sugriv tells Shri Ram the cause of Bali's misunderstanding. Episode 38 - Shri Ram convinces Sugriv of his strength and remove his doubts. Fight between Sugriv and Bali. Bali is killed by Shri Ram.
Disc 9 Episode 39 - Tara's grief. Shri Ram consoles her. the funeral of Bali. Episode 40 - Coronation of Sugriv. Monsoon - Shri Ram spends his weary days in a cave. Episode 41 - Shri ram sends laksham to remind Sugriv of his promise. The fury of Lakshman as he enters the city. Surgiv apologises. The search of Sita begins. Episode 42 - Hanuman, Angad and others for south. Swamprabha transports them to the sea coast. Meeting with Sampati. Episode 43 - Jambavant reminds Hanuman of his strength. Hanuman's form begins to swell. Encounters with Sursa and Singhika while crossing the sea. Search for Sita in Lanka.
Disc 10 Episode 44 - Sita in Ashok Vatika and Ravan's offer. Hanuman sings Ram Katha from a tree top. Hanuman appears in front of Sita. Episode 45 - Hanuman ravages Ashok Vatika. Fight with Jambumati. Hanuman kills Akshoy Kumar. Indrajit blinds Hanuman with Brahmastra. Episode 46 - Hanuman, in bondage, dragged to ravan's court. As his punishment, ravan orders to set fire to his tail. Hanuman burns Lanka. Episode 47 - Hanuman returns after meeting Sita. Hanuman conveys Sita's message to Shri Ram. Episode 48 - Shri Ram counsels Sugriv and others about the march. The march - the army reaches the sea-shore. The problem - how to cross the sea.
Disc 11 Episode 49 - Ravan calls a counci. Bibhishan advises Ravan to return Sita to Shri Ram. Ravan kicks him out. Bibhishan reveals his feelings to his mother and returns to plead with Ravan. Insulted once more, he leaves. Episode 50 - Bhibhishen seeks refuge at Shri Ram's feet. Shri Ram gives him protection. Episode 51 - Shri Ram and his followers deliverate on how to cross the sea. Shri Ram sits to worship Varun. Three days pass, Shree Ram is furious with the Sea-God. Episode 52 - Varun appears, suggests the construction of a bridge. Shri Ram worships Lord Shiva prior to construction of a bridge. Nal and Neel construct the bridge with the help of others. Episode 53 - Shri Ram crosses the bridge along with the Vanar Sena. Sita is grief- stricken.
Disc 12 Episode 54 - Queen Mandodari begs Ravan to surrender. Ravan sends his spies to Shri Ram's camp. the spies are caught but Shri Ram forgives them. Episode 55 - Shri Ram surveys Lanka. Sugriv, excited on seeing Ravan, takes a leap. Sugriv and Ravan wrestle. Shri Ram and Ravan arrange their armies. Episode 56 - Shri Ram sends Angad to Ravan's court. Angad arrives at Ravan's court. Episode 57 - Dialogue between Angad and Ravan. Angad's challenge. Malyavan and Mayadanav try to convince Ravan to restore Sita. Ravan's mother tries to make him see reason. Episode 58 - Mandodari begs Ravan to surrender. Ravan is too proud to listen. Shri Ram and Lakshman praise Angad.
Disc 13 Episode 59 - The first day's warfare. Many warriors of Lanka fall at the battlefield. Episode 60 - Ravan goes to the battlefield with his army. Shri Ram completely disarms him. Unarmed, Ravan returns to his palace on foot. Episode 61 - An attempt is made to awaken Kumbhkarana. He awakes and meets Ravan. Episode 62 - Kumbhkarna in the battlefield. Bibhishen fails to convince Kumbhkarna. Shri Ram kills Kumbhkarna. Episode 63 - Ravan grieves over Kumbhkarna's death. Atikaya, Narantak and Devantak console him and go to the battlefield. Atikaya challenges Lakshman. Death of Narantak and Devantak
Disc 14 Episode 64 - Atikaya Ravan's son falls in the battlefield. Dhanyamalini Atikaya's mother, laments. Indrajeet goes to the battlefiled. Episode 65 - The story of Indrajit's past valor. Indrajit's terrible fight. He binds Shri Ram and Lakshman with serpent darts. Episode 66 - Sita is filled with grief as she hears of the serpent darts. Hanuman brings Garuda. Shri Ram and Lakshman are released from the serpents by Garuda. Episode 67 - A fierce battle is fought by Indrajit. Lakshman who is hit with Shakti ban, falls unconscious. Episode 68 - Hanuman brings Sushen Vaidya to save Lakshman. Hanuman leaves to bring the Sanjeevni herb. Ravan sends Kalnemi, a master of sorcery.
Disc 15 Episode 69 - Hanuman kills Kalnemi and rushes ahead on his errand. Unable to recognise the herb, he carries the peak of Dronagiri. Hit by Bharat's arrow, he falls down in Ayodhya. Lakshman gets a new lease of life with Sanjeevni. Episode 70 - Indrajit begins his yajna in the temple of Nikumbhila to become invincible. A fierce battle by Lakshman interrupts the yajna. Episode 71 - Indrajit takes leave of his parents and his wife. A fierce battle with Lakshman and Indrajit is killed by Lakshman's arrow. Ravan is shocked as the news reaches him. Episode 72 - Ravan gets ready to go to the battlefield. Rishi Agastya gives ADITYA MANTRA to Shri Ram. Ravan addresses his army for the last time. Episode 73 - Battle between Shri Ram and Ravan. Ravan unconscious; charioteer drives away. Ravan regains consciousness, returns to battlefield.
Disc 16 Episode 74 - Last night of battle. Mandodari pleads to Ravan to surrender. Ravan's emotional outburst in front of Mahakaal. Indra sends his chariot for Shri Ram. Episode 75 - Fierce, decisive battle ensues. Shri Ram kills Ravan with Brahmastra. Bibishan, Mandodari mourn his death. Episode 76 - Last rites of Ravan. Coronation of Bibhishan. Sita is brought back to Shri Ram's camp. Sita's agnipariksha. Episode 77 - God congratulate Shri Ram. Dashrath appears and blesses Shri Ram. Shri Ram, others leave on Pushpak Viman. Stop over at Rishi Bhardwaj's Ashram. Meeting with Nishadraj. Ayodhya rejoices. Episode 78 - Shri Ram reaches Nandigram. Meeting with Guru Vashisth, mothers and the people. Bharat milap. Shri Ram visits Kaikayee. Coronation of Shri Ram

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Epic Tales, Religious & Health DVD of India

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