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Hindus perform their pooja ceremony with the purpose of worshiping and honoring their Gods and Goddesses. Apart from that, they arrange pooja for the peace of their ancestor’s soul and peace and well being of their families. Several ‘Pooja Samagri’ aka 'articles for worship' are needed for performing pooja. Here find out what you need to perform daily pooja and also learn the meaning of most commonly used puja items - Hindu Pooja Samagri


This is a kind of small oil lamp that is mainly used during arti and in time diwali for decorating homes.


Sandalwood is rubbed in a round shaped stone like thing in order to form paste and after that God’s figure is decorated with that paste. Sandal tilaks are also worn on the forehead after the accomplishment of pooja ceremony.


Ghee is clarified butter that is used in Hindu pooja during yagya.

Holy waters

Hindus consider the water of Ganges river as sacred and their auspicious occasions are incomplete without the holy waters of Ganges.

Incense sticks

It is popularly known as ‘agarbatti’ or ‘dhup’in India, the nice fragrance of the incense sticks create divinely atmosphere in the place where pooja is executed. Incense stick holder are hugely used for holding the sticks.

Cotton wicks

Cotton wicks are used in the diya, after drenching it into oil or ghee the diya is enlightened.


Sankh or conch is hugely used in several Hindu poojas, the sound that is produced from the sankh is considered to be sacred by the Hindus. Conch holder is needed to keep the conch safely apart from that water filled conch is also used during arti.


Garlands made from real flower or plastic made flower both are used in order to decorate the idol of God.


Vermillion or sindoor is specially needed in the poojas of Goddess, it is generally used in several cultures to distinguish between married and unmarried woman. And the married women dedicate sindoor to Goddess prying for good health and long life of the husbands.

Pooja thali

Pooja thali is used for holding the pooja items in one place. The thali is generally made of brass and in rich family silver or gold made pooja thalis are also found.

Sacred thread

Different colored threads are used in different poojas and after pooja that threads are bound into the hand of the family members or the worshipers who come to the temple. Aside of that several other ingredients are also used in poojas like milk, durba grass and many more. The ingredients for different poojas are diverse and the rituals for poojas are better known by the Brahmin priest or you can acquire the knowledge from different religious books.

Pooja mandir

Pooja mandir is where the actual puja / rituals takes place. Mandir (temple) is where various hindu gods & goddesses idols are located and worshiped.

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