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Importance of Lord Ganesha in Hindu Religion

Hinduism is one among the oldest religions that is still thriving and is being practiced by millions in the world. One of the most important gods for Hindus is lord Ganesha. He is known to be an exceptionally benevolent God who removes obstacles and helps people achieve their goals. His worship also marks the beginning of every auspicious occasion and before other gods are worshipped and thanked, he is requested to bless the particular occasion. Also, it is a common tradition to place a ganesha statue whilst worshipping him or other gods as well. This is done to ensure that the prayers are accomplished without any problems. Ganesha is known by many names like Ganpati, Bappa, Gajraj and many more.

Hindu god – lord Ganesha

Origin and family

Lord Ganesha was created by Goddess Parvati, who wanted her son to ensure her privacy, especially when she bathed and Lord Shiva interrupted her. Ganesha has several aliases and is commonly known as the elephant deity because although he possesses a human like body with four arms he possesses the head of an elephant. His head was severed by his father Shiva, who was unaware of their relationship. Upon realizing that Ganesha was part of the Shiva parivar, he was blessed with the head of a specially chosen elephant, which met a certain criteria. Ganesha along with his parents are perceived as the most benevolent gods by thousands of Hindus.

Relationship with Om symbol

Lord Ganesha also has a profound relationship with the symbol that is known as Om. The shape of Ganesha’s body in religious iconography fits the form of Om when written in Devnagri. Also, Om is considered as a sacred fundamental element of both metaphysical and physical tenets of the Hindu religion.

The Om symbol truly denotes divinity in the Hindu religion. The vibrations produced through repeated incantation of Om radiate through every cell of one’s body and existence. Not only is the incantation auspicious it is also a means of invoking all Gods to bless a certain occasion or prayer. Such is the piousness of Om that it marks the beginning of every prayer, every ritual and every new venture started by a Hindu individual. The sound that brought this world into existence possesses several powers pertaining to healing and enhancing concentration.

Hindu sacred symbol - OM

Wider application

Repeated chanting of Om is also considered to be auspicious which is why it also happens to be the very first word said by individuals as greetings upon meeting. Hari Om is an extremely common greeting. Among many Ganesha mantra Om Ganeshay Namaha and Om Gang Ganpataye Namaha are the most common mantras.

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