The brief history of Tandoor Ovens

Tandoori Oven

Grilled food is a delight in every bite. In India and other countries, tandoors are used for cooking food. The history of tandoor ovens takes us back by at least 5500 years to the Indus Valley and Harappan civilizations of ancient India. Traces of using tandoors were found while the archeologists dug these historical sites. It was not just limited to the Indian subcontinent; people used tandoor in West and Central Asia. The modern tandoor was brought to India by the Mughals. Portable tandoor was then invented years later. This portable tandoor was carried wherever the cook traveled.

Clay Tandoor Oven

Tandoor ovens used to be large and permanent structures in the kitchen or an outdoor area. All tandoor ovens operate on the same principle where delicious and earthy food can be cooked regardless of shape, size, or region of origin. They are made of clay, curved inward to concentrate the heat and top opening for ventilation. Heat is generated in tandoors by wood or charcoal that burns within the tandoor. Clay tandoor ovens were famous back in the day.

 In the present day, instead of charcoal, gas is used for heating. The traditional Indian tandoor cannot be used because of today’s modern-day kitchens. Still, there are two new alternatives to the conventional tandoor- Electric Tandoor & Gas Tandoor Oven. Modern tandoor ovens are the most sensible thing for your homes because of their compact size, and it is effortless to use. These modern ovens do not cost much either and are readily available in the market.

Cooking in the tandoor is a healthier option than other cooking methods. Charcoal cooked food contains less fat than fried foods. The smokey flavor to the food adds a great deal of essence.

Find Indian tandoori ovens in the USA at Desi Clik. This stainless steel piece of art makes the food crisp while retaining its natural essence and juices. Make the tasty tandoori recipes right in the comfort of your home.

Take a look at the variety of different electric tandoor ovens made available online in the USA and select the best suited for your home. If you are looking for Tandoor Ovens for Restaurants in the USA, then you’ve come to the right place. Our selection of electric tandoor ovens is compact in size and sleek in design and will fit anywhere in your kitchen. Choose them by type, capacity & filter them according to your specifications. If you are a foodie, you should invest in this tandoor because the variety of dishes one can make is uncountable.

Not just grilled food, but you can also make delicious pizzas in electric tandoors. This appliance can be used to only roast the food. If you love cooking, then an electronic tandoori oven is a must-have helping tool for you. Suppose you want to cook some delicious tandoori food at the comfort of your own home and make your guests lick their fingers. In that case, you can buy an Electric Tandoor Oven online at Desiclik in the USA.  


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