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Sweets have always assumed a significant part of our lives. In any part of the world, we can observe individuals’ adoration for sweets in their different sorts and assortments. Sweets and snacks are crucial components that are always remembered during the festivals and celebrations in India. None of the Indian celebrations is finished without their existence. The bases of these sweets vary among regions but the thing that is constant is the love for these colourful sweets. The profound love we all have for the sweet delicacies especially Indians can be really good for their health. The primary need behind the exchange of sweets during auspicious occasions is to strengthen love, kindness and build strong bonds between families and friends. 

People often say “Muh mitha kijiye” whenever there is a joyous event. Mithai is symbolic for the good times a person goes through. They bring joy and spread cheer on whichever occasion. Sweets are like a warm hug which welcome you to be a part of the human family. DesiClik.com is the best place for you to find Indian Sweets online in the USA. We bring you the best South Indian delicacies in California, New Jersey. Every order of Indian sweets we take up, we deliver it with a hint of love.  

No Indian wedding is ever complete without boxes of mithai and why would anyone not have mithai. Mithai is a common term used to bring all Indian sweets under one name.  In India, there exists a profound custom of considering sweets as a pure offering to the Gods. In India, we believe our guests are Gods as well, hence said ” Athithi Devo bhava”. This Sanskrit verse means that that one should treat a visiting seeker as God. This is the reason we serve our guests with sweets. Relatively few individuals will know the reason behind handing out boxes of mithai to guests today at Indian weddings. But it is this lovely sentiment that prompts the continuation of the mithai legacy.

The choice of flavours in mithai is truly endless, versatile for every occasion. The rich culinary history of India is evident in the sheer variety and delectable tastes of these sweets. You crave for the smooth and rich besan ladoos for Vinayak Chaturthi or wish to indulge in delicious doodh pedas in the happiness of a newborn child.  There are just so many kinds of sweets when broken down further. At Desiclik, we know the value of such moments and understand your love for mithai as well. So we bring you decadent and delicious sweet delights that are perfect for your moments. 

DesiClik.com is your one-stop destination for buying your favourite Indian sweets. We strive to provide you with the most authentic flavours of India with the exact same decadence as it has back in India. We have something for every season and each occasion here in the United States. Browsing through our extensive selection of sweets, you would find nothing to miss. Check out the sweets section to order and indulge in our delightful offerings.


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