What to Check When Buying Kids Kurta Pajama

The Kurta Pajama is one of the most stylish traditional ethnic clothing pieces for Indian men. Since its ancient origins, the kurta has never gone out of style and it continues to be among Indian men’s wardrobe staples. Western kids wear tux as they come of age, whereas kids from the east dress up in kurtas to mark special occasions or even as stylish daily wear. When shopping for kids kurta, there are certain things that you should remember, not the least of which is that kurtas come in a variety of styles that you can choose from.

A classic type of kurta pajama is the hyderabadi kurta, which features a keyhole opening, with intricate threadwork around the collar. This type of kurta is a great choice for dressing up for casual get-togethers and similar types of occasions. The Kalidar kurta on the other hand, is distinct for its geometrical thread patterns. A unique feature of this kurta is its front panel, which typically features intricate designs. Kalidar kurtas can be made out of cotton, silk, or linen fabrics, to create more flow and character, which makes them perfect for weddings and more formal occasions.

Kids kurta in Punjabi style is also popular. The Punjabi kurta features a straight cut that comes down the knees. They vary in style based on their embroidery details, which are also indicative of their regional origins (e.g. the Muktsari kurta which comes from the Mukstar province, the Phulkari kurta which features phulkari embroidery, as well as the bandhani kurta, which features bandhani patterns).

There is also the lucknowi kurta, which is known for its lightweight design and distinct Chikan embroidery. The Sherwani Kurta is also a popular choice for parties and weddings, owing to its modern vibe that features a slimmer fit and a well-defined structure, as opposed to the loose style of other types of kids kurta.


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