Tips To Decorate Your Home Ethnically With Indian Handicrafts


The booming Indian handicrafts industry is decentralized, cottage based, and highly labor intensive. Small manufacturers are usually found in rural areas spread across India and are some of the major sources of incomes for most rural communities. Though still largely a cottage industry, the Indian handicraft business has certainly evolved. According to reports, a consistent growth of about 15% has been seen in the last few years, making the handicraft industry a major contributor in foreign and export revenue generation.


Because of their beauty, high quality, and handmade appeal, Indian handicrafts have a very large market potential locally in India as well as abroad. Interior designers from the West often use them to breathe life into spaces that need color and texture. One of the best things about the Indian handicrafts is that they are able to showcase the rich culture, heritage, and tradition of the country. From idols and statues to wall hangings down to pillow cases as well as wood and metal handicraft, there is plenty to choose from. Here are some decoration tips to help you out:


  • Don’t go overboard – Your home is not a museum. There’s no need to “collect them all.”


  • Stick to one – If you plan on several pieces of Indian handicrafts, it’s best to stick to one material. For example, if you have wooden handicrafts, try not to mix and match with metals or alloys.


  • Do your research –Indian handicrafts, especially religious ones, have different meaning. You should also pay respect to deity statues. For example, you are not supposed to put god statues on the floor as this is a sign of disrespect.


If you plan on decorating your home with Indian handicrafts, you will find a wide range of items—in fact, the selection is so large that it might actually overwhelm you. It’s best to do your shopping online where it’s easier to find the styles you are interested in, as well as compare prices.



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