Buy Indian Handicrafts Online to Embellish Your House

Indian made handicrafts are very popular home embellishments that homemakers and designers make a bee-line for because of their beauty, authenticity, and innate charm. Different types of Indian handicrafts can be found even in western homes as they work perfectly as an accent and even as base pieces in home interiors. Here are some popular types of home decor products that are popularly Indian-made:

  • Clay crafts – Clay pottery is one of the most recognized and ancient forms of handicraft in India. Clay work can be distinguished by different styles like terracotta pottery, red, grey, and black pottery, all of which are prevalent in different regions of the country, the Northeast and Uttar Pradesh are best known for painted black wares, while areas like West Bengal, Pune, Lucknow, Bikaner, and Himachal Pradesh are known for their terracotta planters and other decorative and practical clay products.
  • Brass handicrafts – A durable and unique decor option, brass handicrafts are ideal as show pieces. Some common types of brass crafts include table toppers and wall art, vases, ornament boxes, lamps, figurines, and even plates and bowls. They are also great as gifts for different festive seasons.
  • Paper crafts – Paper folding and crafting are also popular art forms in India. Simple as they may seem, authentic Indian paper crafts take a lot of hard work to create, particularly those that use intricate paper folding techniques. A sampling of Indian paper crafts in the form of lamp shades, decorative flowers, kites, masks, hand fans, and lanterns can be found at online retail stores specializing in Indian crafts and products.
  • Jute handicrafts – Jute is a natural and inexpensive fiber that Indians make into a wide range of products, ranging from bags to rugs, tables, lamps, stationery, footwear, jewelry, wall hangings, and other types of decorative items.
  • Other materials like shells, wood, mirrors, and textile also make great home decor in the hands of Indian craftsmen and artisans.



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