Making Craft Items with Leftovers

For some, art and craft is a hobby while for some, it is a necessity (school projects you know). If you belong to the former group, you must be always on a lookout for innovative ideas for making nice craft items. So, have you ever thought of using leftovers or waste materials for this purpose? If you haven’t, it is a great idea to use them for your next creation. Showpieces and many other home decor accessories crafted out of materials like, plastic bags and bottles and cardboards are very popular these days. A lot of Indian handicrafts online are found to be made of such materials.

Reusing them will help you reduce wastes and contribute towards a healthy and green environment. The following tips may help you build create eye-catching items with leftovers.

an handicrafts onlineStep 1 – Collect all the waste materials. They can be any used and discarded things like, plastic bags and bottles, pieces of glass and mirror, photo frames, cardboards, corroded metal items, broken furniture items and many more. Look for these materials only in your house. You may even ask your neighbors and friends not to throw these things in the garbage bin and instead, give them to you for recycling.

Step 2 – Now when you have gathered all the items, it is time to come up with a good craft idea. What is it you want to make? Will a candle stand or a lamp shade be a great idea? Or is it a pen and pencil stand? Talking about pen and pencil, you can take help of a pen or pencil and a white paper to prepare a sketch of your craft idea. You may also get some inspiration from the multifarious Indian handicrafts online.

online indian handicraftsStep 3 – After you have decided regarding what craft item to make, you need to gather all your crafting tools to get started. Depending on the thing you want to create you must bring in all the necessities. The basic things you will require are as follows.

  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Colored paper or white paper (optional)
  • Cello tape

While materializing your idea, don’t stick to the sketch you have prepared earlier. If any stunning idea comes to your mind in between, feel free to implement it.

indian handicraftsStep 4 – When it is complete, take a close look and think whether you need to work on the product a bit more. If it is absolutely fine, allow it to enhance your home decor by keeping it at an appropriate place.

Therefore, these are the four steps that will let you create a captivating item with waste materials or leftovers. Always remember that by using discarded things for a craft item, you are in turn doing your bit to make earth greener and a better place to live in. You never know you may be able to start your own Indian handicrafts online business with these eco-friendly items. Here’s wishing you all the best for that!


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