Do you have Dubbas 3 tier insert pans for Prestige 10 Liter pressure cooker. A little bigger than that fits in 8 Quart

Do you own one of 'Dubbas - 3 Tier Insert Pans for PIP w/ Lids / Plates & Multipurpose Trivet'? Can you help if you know the answer?
Thanks for reaching out. We only have 1 size of Dubbas insert pans that can fit electric or stovetop pressure cookers 6 qt and above.
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Answered by Deslclik.com on Jul 31, 2019
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thank you for shipping the ram-leela dvd so fast. The picture and sound quality was great.
- A Yadav (San Jose, CA, USA) on January 06, 2015   more...

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