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Popularity of Gold & Costume Jewelry in India

India has always been a land where women have loved wearing gold and fashion jewelries since ancient days. Indians have mastered the art of crafting beautiful gold ornaments that has mesmerized millions of men and women over the centuries. In the recent years, there has been a boom in the design and manufacturing of fashion jewelries in India, thanks to the overall rise in the fashion quotient of the country. Starting from traditional Indian jewelry that primarily had stone studded gold ornaments, modern days Indian costume jewelry has been much loved by women as well as many men in the country.

Rajasthani or Kundan jewelry are eye catching stuff

Talking of Indian costume jewelry, one has to make a special mention of the Rajasthani jewelry also known as Kundan jewelry as that has a very prominent role to play in catering to the modern day jewelry designs and make. The stone studded jewelry from the land of the Rajputs have been liked, appreciated and worn by billions of Indian women not only because of the looks of the ornaments, but also because of the longevity of these ornaments. The kundan jewelry gives that gaudy look that one would want with a heavy makeup and glamorous traditional dress. While Kundan jewelries can be and is being worn at many occasions, they are socially worn during marriage parties, thanks to the extravagant look that they provide.

Love for gold is eternal

As it is, love for gold in women is not something that is newly discovered, but the love for gold in India has always been on a different scale. With the years as gold prices have increased, the love for golden ornaments has increased keeping pace with the same. A good number of jewelry designers have come up in recent years who have been putting in their heart and soul to create designs which are awesome in nature and the many talented gold craftsmen of the country have materialized those designs to reality. Indian costume jewelry is not only limited to gold or Rajasthani jewelry. There are many other forms of jewelry like the Terracotta jewelry, filigree jewelry, Ivory jewelry, thewa jewelry, jadau jewelry and many more. The fashion jewelry designs keep on changing with the time and choice of the consumer, but on the whole the love for these jewelries have not seen any decline in the last few decades and would not experience any such decline in coming many decades.
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