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Popularity of Hindi Movies in the USA

Over the recent years it has been observed that movieplexes in the USA have always lined up movies from India, or so called from Bollywood, the Indian film industry as there has been a surge in the popularity of these movies in the mass. Along with the increasing queue at the movie theatre halls, there has been an increase in the Hindi movie DVD online sales as well.

Why are Hindi movies so popular?

It has been seen that there are good number of people who buy Hindi movie DVD and that is completely an outcome of the increasing popularity of the Hindi films in USA. So what has brought about this surge in the popularity index? Experts say that over the years as the themes of Bollywood cinema has been changing and becoming more pragmatic and close to life in nature, it has helped in gaining more audiences for these movies.

Apart from that there are other factors as well which has played a significant role behind the surge in popularity of Indian movies. These can be primarily jotted down under the following headers:
  • Cross country marriages has caused a hike in the interest level towards knowing the Indian culture and watching Indian movies as many Indians are getting married to Americans.
  • If not marriage, at least staying and working together with so many Indians has played a major role in developing the interest towards Hindi movies which has resulted in a longer queue at the ticket counter for a Hindi movie or a longer list of people who buy Hindi movie DVD.
  • Indians are more Indians when they are out of India and that is one reason that possibly the person who would never watch a Bollywood movie in India otherwise, would not mind spending a few dollars to buy Hindi movie DVDs as that would help them stay in contact with the mother tongue language and trace their roots back home.

Other impact of popularity

The influence of Hindi movies is so much that it is a not only Hindi movie DVD online sale that has increased over the years, but it has had a direct impact on the fashion taste as well. Bollywood clothes designs have been found to have gained enough popularity in the expats as well as locals. Designs of clothes worn by film stars in the Bollywood movies have been liked, appreciated and emulated by many in the United States of America.
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