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In India jewelries are not only designed for human but also for god, the traditional Indian jewelries divulge the craftsmanship of the Indian jewel maker. Here is the glossary of most popular jewelry items of India. Indian jewelry set

Churi, kangan

Bangles are known as churi or kangan in India. They come in different colors and usually round in shape, but nowadays designers are crafting square shaped, waved bangles as well. They can be simple or designs can be etched in them. In Hindu culture the married women have to wear bangles, though the material and types of bangles are different in different culture. The thick churi made of gold or silver are commonly known as bala.


This ornament is worn in hair on one side of the head, they can be crafted from metal and stones are decorated with stones.


Payal is the Indian name of anklet, generally Indian girls and ladies prefer to wear silver payel, but nowadays several designer stone-etched payel are available in the jewelry shops. Gold made payel are popular in South India.


These are like tiny bells that are usually attached to the anklets and produce nice tinkling sound.

Maang tikka

Mang tika is the headpiece jewelry. This is consisted of a pendant and a chain, a hook is attached to it at the end for attaching it into hair. The pendant is worn upon the forehead just at the end line of hair.


Angoothi is the Indian name of finger ring that fascinates both men and women, finger rings come in extensive ranges of styles and designs.


Mangalsutra is a piece of jewelry that is worn by the Hindu married woman; the marriage ritual completes after the groom ties the mangalsutra on bride’s neck.


Bichua is actually the toe ring that is usually worn by the Hindu married woman, it was a must obeyed custom of Hindu ritual but nowadays girls are also sporting it as fashion accessory.


It is also known as Tagdi and one of the unique jewelry sports by the Indian woman. This exclusive jewelry is like the waistband that is worn in marriage ceremony or other occasions.


Nose ring is known as nath in India, the vogue of wearing ‘nath’ became popular during the Mughal reign.

These are just the glimpses of Indian jewelry, to check the wide-ranging assortments of jewelry dive into our website and explore traditional Indian jewelry online. All of the above ornaments are available in both artificial imitation form or in real gold and silver metal.

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