Exploring Indian Enclaves in the USA: Cultural, Shopping & Culinary Delights

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With South Asian population close to 5 million in the USA, the Indian diaspora in the United States has created vibrant cultural enclaves across the country in many towns. These areas, rich in Indian traditions and modern amenities, are popular not only among Indian Americans but also those who appreciate Indian culture. Let’s explore some of these notable neighborhoods, understand why they are popular, and delve into their culinary and shopping attractions.

Silicon Valley, California

Silicon Valley, known for its tech industry, also boasts a significant Indian population. The area’s appeal lies in its booming job market, particularly in technology, which draws highly skilled professionals from India. You are sure to get “India like” feeling here as California in general has the largest Indian population in the USA.

  • Restaurants: Mountain View and Fremont offers a fine dining experience with a modern twist on traditional Indian cuisine. You can find a variety of street food-inspired dishes, including savory samosas and spicy pani puri. Plenty of restaurants to choose from to try out popular dishes like butter chicken, lamb vindaloo or anything else in Indian cuisine.
  • Shopping: There are plenty of are popular Indian grocery stores where one can find spices, snacks, and fresh produce. Sunnyvale has Murphy Avenue, featuring numerous Indian boutiques and stores that sell traditional clothing, jewelry, and home decor.

Edison, New Jersey

Edison, often referred to as “Little India,” is another hub for the Indian community. The proximity to New York City and affordable living conditions make it an attractive place for Indian immigrants. Jersey City in NJ is another town growing in popularity among Indians due to it’s easy commute to Manhattan.

  • Restaurants: Edison offers an upscale dining experience with dishes like tandoori salmon and goat curry at many Indian restaurants. Some specialize in vegetarian fare, providing a taste of Mumbai’s street food right in New Jersey.
  • Shopping: Oak Tree Road is famous for its array of Indian stores. From all the popular Indian grocery store to traditional Indian attire, it’s a one-stop destination for all things Indian. You will also be able to find traditional Indian jewelry and handicraft at many Indian shops. Just walk around the neighborhood to explore India in the USA.

Jackson Heights & Hicksville, New York

Jackson Height in Queens and Hicksville in Long Island, often referred to as another major hub for the Indians and south Asian community at large. Very close proximity to New York City by LIRR or Subway and affordable living conditions make both of them an attractive place for Indian immigrants. With Men’s T20 Cricket world cup 2024 being played at newly built cricket stadium at Eisenhower park near Hicksville, the popularity of Hicksville will continue to grow on the world map as a destination for Indian immigrants. Some even call it mini India or Hindville.

  • Restaurants: Both areas offer a huge variety of upscale and Indian street food dining experience with dishes north Indian and south Indian food. You will be able to find any type of food to your craving. There are many which specialize in pure vegetarian food, providing a taste of Kolkata’s street food right in New York.
  • Shopping: 74th Street in Jackson Heights and Broadway in Hicksville are famous for wide range of Indian stores. From all the popular and authentic Indian groceries to even Indian mangoes, you are sure to find what you are looking for. You can also shop for traditional Indian clothes, jewelry, handicrafts and so much more, it’s a one-stop destination for all things Indian. Just explore the neighborhood areas and get a feeling of being in India.

Chicago, Illinois

The city of Chicago and its suburbs, particularly Devon Avenue, are home to a thriving Indian community. The area’s popularity is due to its cultural offerings and educational opportunities.

  • Restaurants: Devon Avenue has a choice for many vegetarian gem offering dishes like dosas and uttapams. Many of them serve robust North Indian cuisine, with kebabs and biryanis that transport diners to the subcontinent.
  • Shopping: Devon Avenue also has many popular and iconic Indian grocery store chain like Patel Brothers that started in Chicago, providing a vast array of Indian products. The area is also dotted with many sari shops and stores offering bridal wear and accessories.

Houston, Texas

Houston is another major city with a significant Indian population, particularly in areas like Sugar Land. The city’s diverse economy and welcoming atmosphere contribute to its popularity among Indian Americans.

  • Restaurants: In Houston; many restaurants offer grand thali experience, with a variety of vegetarian dishes served in an all-you-can-eat format. Many of them also combine traditional Indian flavors with a modern twist, making it a unique dining spot.
  • Shopping: Hillcroft Avenue, known as the Mahatma Gandhi District, is the heart of Indian shopping in Houston. Here, you can explore many Indian grocery stores that cater to the Indian community’s needs. Many Indian stores provide an extensive selection of saris, lehengas, and other traditional garments.

Atlanta, Georgia

In Atlanta, the Indian population is predominantly centered around Decatur and Alpharetta. The city’s robust job market and quality of life make it an attractive location for Indian families.

  • Restaurants: Midtown Atlanta is known for its contemporary take on Indian cuisine, with dishes like lamb chops and seafood curry. In Decatur you can also find Indian street food with a Southern twist, creating a unique fusion experience.
  • Shopping: Global Mall in Norcross is an entirely Indian-themed mall with shops selling clothing, jewelry, and groceries. In Decatur you can find a wide range of wide range of Indian foods and spices at many Indian stores.


These Indian enclaves across the United States not only offer a home away from home for Indian immigrants but also serve as cultural bridges for the broader community. The popularity of these areas can be attributed to their economic opportunities, community support systems, and cultural richness. If you live in any other area in the USA, you will be able to find smaller pockets with Indian population. Indian restaurants in these neighborhoods offer authentic and innovative dishes that satisfy diverse palates, while Indian shopping areas provide access to traditional attire, jewelry, and groceries, ensuring that the essence of India is never far away. For those seeking to explore Indian culture or simply indulge in its culinary delights, these neighborhoods are must-visit destinations. There are also numerous online Indian shopping sites and online Indian marketplace like DesiClik.com in the USA where you can have a pure desi shopping experience online and find authentic Indian products delivered to you anywhere in the USA.

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