Types of Indian Bridal Wear in Different Regions of India

Indian Bridal Wear

India is a diverse land of various kinds of cultures and religions. Each state of India has a different culture as well as different food habits, ways of dressing up and a different language altogether. Weddings in different states are also celebrated in different styles altogether.

Different parts of the country have different kinds of traditional bridal wear that is elegant, sophisticated and helps to bring out the true expression of the bride based on ethnicity and culture. Here are a few traditional Indian bridal wear in different regions of India.

Traditional Indian Bridal Wear

Silk designer saris

Silk is a material that is elegant and sophisticated and can be worn in a diverse number of ways. It is worn by a variety of communities all throughout the country. Bridal silk saris are rich and gorgeous, heavy with different kinds of embellishments, and consist of intricate elaborations with lavish bordered and decorated pallus. Benarasi saris are preferred in North India and West Bengal, Patola saris in Gujarat, Paithani saris in Maharashtra, and Kanjivaram silk is popular in the South. The saris are accompanied by heavy gold jewelry.

The bridal salwar Kameez

Indian bridal wear in different regions of India consists of the Salwar Kameez. Salwar Kameez is a very popular dress among the Punjabi community and they wear Salwar Kameez even during their weddings. Bridal salwar Kameez is definitely different than the conventional every day salwar Kameez. Bridal Salwar Kameez is heavy, well decorated and bright, lavish and rich than the casual varieties. Bridal Salwar Kameez is most popular in the red and the gold colors. Nowadays people also have an affinity towards colors like silver, yellow, pink, green and purple. The different embroidery works that go into making a Punjabi bridal wear are Gota patti, Phulkari, Zari, and ek taar.

Zari Lehenga Choli

Indian bridal wear in northern India also consists of the Zari lehenga choli styles. This kind of a bridal wear is beautiful and lavish and makes a woman look elegant and beautiful as well. Lehenga Choli is usually worn in parts of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Lucknow. This is a three piece outfit that consists of a floor length skirt that is decorated lavishly, a tight fitted blouse known as choli and a dupatta that is also well decorated with Zari work and embellishments.

What goes into making an Indian bridal wear in different regions of India

The Indian bridal wear in different regions of India is basically made up of heavy and lavish materials that are exorbitantly priced to steal the moments of the day. They are bright, gorgeous, and colorful and definitely worth the price. These bridal dresses in different regions of India are admired in their respective states but some of these dresses are also worn by other communities in India as well.

Bridal wear for other communities

The Muslim community in India wears the Sharara (Palazzo suits in traditional style) and Gharara that is a long top and a long flowing divided skirt with a dupatta. The dress is lavishly decorated with gems, beads and glass ornamentations.


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