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India is a magical country with a rich legacy and culture. Whenever a culture or civilization is old, there are lot of beliefs and practices and several stories around them as well. The number of wonderful stories, fables and parables that have originated in India is quite remarkable. They have added to the mysterious appeal of India and its culture and it may be useful to educate your child with staple Indian story books.

Before starting on the volumes of books, it might be a good idea to educate your kids about the Hindi alphabets so that they know their roots well. There are various learning, practice and activity books available in the market, which can make it easier for your kids to grasp the alphabets and have fun while doing it.

indian story books

The story books that are popular in India are mostly fairy tales that reflect the wonderful imagination Indians have. The authors in most cases are not known since they are folk tales and their long circulation has ensured that they have changed in parts with time. Surely, parts have been modified, added or even deleted over time. However, the basic attraction of the stories has remained the same over the long lapse of time. To add to the element of interest and fun for young readers, there are comic books too which depict the concerned stories. These formats are quite popular. One of the most popular comic books which is quite an icon is the Amar Chitra Katha. Apart from this, there are several others.

indian story books for kids

Among the other Indian story books, a very notable and popular one is Vikram and Betal which is the story of a king called Vikram who is carrying a spirit or vetala, that can inhabit and animate dead bodies, to give it to a sorcerer. While carrying it, the vetala tells the king stories which end with riddles which the king must answer. All the stories are really interesting and they uphold the broad thinking of the writer or writers of the time.

Like the popular Aesop’s Fables, Indians have their Panchatantra in which there are several animal characters who play out different stories and fables that teach us valuable moral lessons. This compilation of stories is quite popular among both young and old generations.

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There are several such tales and stories that center around magic and magical creatures like sorcerers, sorceresses, ghosts, monsters, unicorns etc. Apart from that, there are some popular Indian comics which you can introduce your kids to as well. In this respect, the adventures of Chacha Chowdhury and Saboo are quite legendary in the Indian subcontinent and kids love these characters.

A major part of popular India literature comprises The Ramayana, The Mahabharata, The Puranas, Tales of Shree Krishna and The Jatakas.

Indian story books in general cover a vast number of topics. The varied subject matters are sure to provide kids with a lot of fodder for their imagination.


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