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Make fresh hygienic paneer at home using this Paneer Maker Mould. This stainless steel Paneer maker press is a 3 piece container with removable base and lid. Made from superior quality food grade steel. It is sturdy, durable and dishwasher safe. Can also be used to make sprout.

Approximate measurements: This paneer maker mould can be used to make max 1 lb of paneer using around 3/4 gallon milk.

Dimension -
5" diameter, about 2" height (2.5 Cups / 625ML)

How to make fresh paneer at home using paneer maker mould?

1. Remove the lid (the plain steel rectangle plate with the ring handle) and slide the base of the container (the steel rectangle plate with holes) in place. Place the paneer maker on a trivet in the sink or in a large container.

2. Strain curdled milk through the paneer maker so that the solids remain in the paneer mould while the whey drains out. Make sure you do this slowly in the sink or a big pot. Using a ladle makes this process much easier. If your milk was curdled correctly to get the right texture of paneer, no solids will go through the little holes in the paneer maker. Trust me on this one because I’ve had both situations happen to me. (A few times, I added vinegar to milk which hadn’t reached the stage where I could see the bubbles from boiling, and when I drained it and pressed it in the paneer maker, some solids would leak out through the holes. The resulting paneer was crumbly and more like cheese than paneer, and it was NOT the fault of the paneer mould :)! Once I figured out that I needed to make sure that the milk actually boiled, paneer making is a breeze with this nifty little gadget)

3. Cover the paneer mould with its lid and press the lid down to drain as much excess liquid as possible.

4. Place a heavy weight on the lid and leave for a couple of hours to drain out all the liquid. Make sure that the weight is actually pressing down on the lid. In case, you have made very little paneer and the lid surface is below the edges of the base (in other words, the lid is inside the base), place something directly on the lid, the top of which extends above the edges of the base and then place the weight on that. The idea is to make sure that the weight is being applied on the lid (which will press curdled milk) and not on the base of the mould.

5. After a few hours, flip the container and push the base down to slide out nice firm paneer which is ready for cooking.

6. You can use up to a gallon of milk to make paneer using this paneer maker.
Enjoy the way you want - use it to grill, fry or cook your favorite curry.

Note: Please take precaution when using the paneer maker as the base plate has sharp edges. Do not press against edges with fingers.

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