Romance (1983) DVD with english subtitles
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Romance (1983) DVD
Cast Members-Shammi Kapoor, Kumar Gaurav, Poonam Dhillon
Director-Ramanand Sagar
MusicDirector- R. D. Burman
Sub Title- English
Media Type- dvd

'Romance' is a colourful, lively story of two teenage lover of the jet age Sonia, a half English girl, and Amau an Indian Youth, whose romance blossoms across thousands of miles and crosses all barriers. Of the triumph of true love that melts the hearts of hundred of men, women, boys and girls from all walks of life in far England who fight for Sonia and Amar. Of the Pride and obstinacy of Sonia's English mother and her refusal to let Sonia marry any one other than John, an English boy, chosen by her. Of the love and gentle understanding of Sonia's India grand-parents who want Sonia and Amar's dreams to come true. Of the courageous fight of a brilliant journalist who mobilizes media support to Sonia's and Amar's innocent love that no law and land can subbue. Of Sonia's unshakable faith in Amar and Amar's unswering devotion to Sonia in the face of all problems. Of the problems, agonies and fears of two innocent lovers, chased by the law and by John's henchmen. Of providence coming to their rescue each time and their miraculous escape from perilous situation. Of the power of the media and the power of true love and faith that finally unites them. Romance, an immortal jet age love story, enacted by Kumar Gaurav and Poonam Dhillon as the lovers, Shammi Kapoor and Sushma Seth as the grand parents and saeed jaffrey as the Journalist. A romantic saga filled with enchanting visual beauty of foreign locations, elegant interiors and modern costumes. An unforgettable cross border love story.
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