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Set in Rajasthan, this love story explores how the protagonists deal with issues like differences between castes and honor killings.

Andhadhun Hindi Blu Ray

Starring: Ayushmann Khurrana, Tabu, Radhika Apte

Akash is a blind pianist who spends his time attempting to complete a musical piece. He lives with his cat and often encounters a neighbouring kid who keeps testing him in attempts to see if he is truly blind. Akash is knocked over while crossing the road one day by Sophie who is awed by his talent and gets him a gig at his father's diner where he is noticed by yesteryear actor Pramod Sinha. Pramod is married to Simi and invites Akash over to his apartment for a private performance to commemorate their wedding anniversary. Sophie and Akash develop a relationship. When Akash reaches Sinha's flat, Simi opens the door and is reluctant to let him in, but does so when she sees that her neighbour is watching them. Simi, convinced that Akash is blind, allows him to play the piano inside. Akash quickly notices a body nearby but feigns ignorance and continues to play the piano to maintain his charade of blindness. He also sees Inspector Manohar in the bathroom hiding. On his return to the piano, he manages to identify the body as that of Sinha. Simi and Manohar clean the body up silently and put it in a suitcase while Akash plays the piano.

Afterwards, Akash attempts to report the murder but is unable to, as he discovers that Manohar is an inspector in the police station. Simi then kills the neighbour who had noticed Manohar's entry into the flat, in Akash's presence, who is forced to continue his charade of being unaware of the murders. Akash confesses of faking his blindness when Simi manages to pour poison in his coffee in front of him. He then insists that he will leave for London. He reveals that he faked the blindness as part of a social experiment in one of his pursuits for inspiration as an artist. He then faints as a result of eating the poisoned sweet given by Simi. Sophie sees that the neighbouring child had recorded a video of Akash moving and seeing his way about like a normal person. Furious and heartbroken, she leaves him. Akash wakes up and realises that he cannot see. After a discussion with Manohar, they decide that blinding Akash would not be enough as he could still reveal details, and Manohar comes back to finish the job. After a tense struggle, Akash escapes out to the road, faints and comes to in a clinic, which is revealed to be a front for illicit organ harvesting.

Dr. Swami and his two assistants decide to spare Akash and help him in gaining money required to reverse his blindness. They kidnap Simi and blackmail Manohar into bringing money. The assistants tie Akash up with Simi to claim all of the money for themselves. They extort the money from Manohar who shoots one of them but gets trapped in an elevator. Manohar accidentally shoots himself. The money is revealed to be fake. Meanwhile, a desperate Akash removes Simi's blindfold after she helps him to free himself. Akash attempts to escape while Simi frees herself and attacks him. Swami enters and the two of them knock Simi out. Swami and Akash tie Simi in the trunk of a car and drive. Swami reveals his plans to harvest Simi's organs for six crore rupees and pay for Akash's cornea transplant, but Akash declines. Two years later in Europe, Sophie meets Akash who still looks blind at a gig. He tells her that Simi awakened in the trunk and started making noises after which Swami stopped the car and was swiftly overpowered by Simi. Simi then takes control of the car. Akash, thinking that it is still Dr. Swami at the wheel, continues to try to convince him to let Simi go. Hearing this, Simi drops Akash off and tries to run him over when a hare slams into her windshield, causing her to lose control and crash and killing her. Akash then walks out and swats a can with his stick out of his path.
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