Decorating your house is an important aspect of your lifestyle. It makes your home a sweet and cozy sanctuary. To achieve a sophisticated look within your house, the first thing is to enhance the beauty of your indoor areas. One way to do that effortlessly is by using the Indian […]

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India, being a land of a multitude of festivals and cultures, always offers you an occasion to dress up. Whether it is a festival or a wedding, dressing up in your favorite ethnic outfit is always something to look forward to. And when it comes to the world of traditional […]

Lehenga-Choli: The Amazing Outfit for Special Occasions

There is no attire as comfortable and as complementing for an Indian girl more than her salwar. It is versatile, comfortable, and colorful. Salwars occupy pride of place and are predominant in an Indian girl’s wardrobe. Complementing attire A traditional salwar kameez comes in many different styles. It can be […]

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cup of chai - tea maker machine usa
We bring to you stories of our community members about different topics that touch their heart. This story about why “India runs on Chai” by Shikha Maggon from New Jersey will remind you of those chai moments with your family. “ There is nothing better than a cup of Tea […]

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Saree is one of the most popular traditional outfits in India. Across the globe, saree is appreciated as a garment that adds grace and charm to the appearance of a woman. There are different ways to drape a saree, and each one makes it look completely different. Each technique can […]

Indian Sarees Online: Add Elegance to Your Beauty

Indian jewelry online
Traditional Indian jewelry is back in trend. It was never really out, but it has become highly popular these days, and it will stay for some time. There are many designs and styles to choose from in traditional Indian jewelry. You can pair it with your traditional outfits, and it […]

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Indian jewelry is known for being colorful, extravagant, and inspired by cultures, traditions, and occasions. It is typically made of high-quality stones and metals, and the high-end ones are rather pricey. However, you can still achieve the look that you can get from wearing traditional Indian pieces by preferring Indian […]

Enjoy a Touch of Charismatic Indian Costume Jewelry

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Salwar kameez is a traditional Indian clothing for women. It comes in many different options and styles, so discerning and fashionable women cannot afford to have only one in their wardrobe. Authentic salwar kameez from India is made from luxurious fabrics and are designed by hand, resulting in one-of-a-kind styles […]

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Authentic traditional Indian dresses are known for their beautiful details and the way they make every woman look elegant and charming. However, you do not have to personally go to India to buy an authentic Indian dress when you can simply go to a US-based online Indian shopping bazaar. This […]

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No matter in which country you make your new home, an Indian can never forget their traditions. Culture goes beyond ruined monuments and tales of battlefields. True ‘Indianism’ is reflected in the people, their colorful apparel and the way they carry them. Above all things, clothes are probably the most […]

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Dressing up well has been an integral part of every festival or celebration in all cultures. If you want to look stylish, handsome and fashionable in an ethnic outfit, then try taking the road-less-taken by opting for a conventionally complemented kurta pyjama. This traditional Indian party wear option will add […]

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India is perceived as a nation of colours and celebrations throughout the world. The whole world admires the vivid and elegant clothing that originates in India, and is also often acclaimed for being unique, elegant and versatile. If you are looking to buy fashionable ethnic wear and reflect the cultural […]

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